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Sampling Theorem
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What is sampling theoram and why it is required

Deepali Goyal
Secured AIR - 8 in ESE 2017

Unacademy user
Sir Makara sankranti is celebrated in Karnataka too..... i belong to Karnataka .... we celebrate here
Mam can you also please create a course on Matched filter and optimum threshold detection and MAP/ML algorithm. These topics are very difficult and the resources are not available in concise manner for them. Thankyou.
Deepali Goyal
a year ago
Yes, I will make lectures on those topics also
mam what is the sampling frequency of m(t)cos(wt) if w=20khz and m(t) is a low pass signal of frequency 5khz. please answer this question I have so much doubt.
Hi,deepali I am also graduated from your college in 2015 from ECE branch.Congratulations for becoming engineering servant with AIR-8.As i think you are the first girl from my college who succeeded to nail it.I had appeared for this exam in 2016 but unable to did it.After that syllabus was changed for gs section totally and some technical topics was also removed and some are added.I want to know from you how much you pay heed for gs section and which technical subjects you read for writing mains thoroughly.And how was your experience at coaching in made easy jaipur or delhi.You can also write it to mail id
Deepali Goyal
a year ago
For GS section - I referred coaching notes and for some topics I used Google as most of the topics are similar to that of IAS so u cn find sufficient material online. For mains - CO and few topics of advance comm and advance electronics are tough. So leaving those few topics, I prepared all rest of the subjects very thoroughly so tht If any question comes, I won't skip tht
Saurabh Gupta
a year ago
Thanks,Deepali...,Do well in your career.I am watching your lecture.I recommend you to make video on basics of electricals that will be helpful for ece students.
Perfect One..Enjoyed Learning!
mam please provide notes in PDF format of entire communication , it will be easy to follow with your lectures.
Deepali Goyal
a year ago
U should try to make your own notes that me more beneficial to u
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