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Rule No 1 - Is, Am, Are/Was, Were + (V3 & V4) (in Hindi)
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This is the rule no. 1 to improve your English Speaking.

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Director of PD CLASSES in Sgnr (Raj.). My Channel is PD CLASSES. I have done my MPhil in Eng. & MBA (Author of 3 books on Interview & Eng.)

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please upload on Tamil videos
Vanitha K
8 months ago
Ok sure😊
Sir please your mobile no
  1. Rules: ( 1 ) Isla mare ( , , ) and was/vvere( 2T, rd' ch, 2) 4G 1st f orm 1 Verb 3rd form a 4th Eg.-is going, were playing. 1 He is going. 1 They were playing.

  2. Subject+ istarelam+ verb 3 d form + object faTE Tha TTT aureaT fer om Many statements are written. 5 T Tret 1 Many charts are drawn. rre Nuptial songs are sung. EeTV faart T 1 Some events are shown. lindi language is spoken i ia

  3. Subjecr+wasiwere + verb 3d form+ objecr FFTETt TTT fZTT 1 Influencial speech was made. Tait TFF TR TT I Many animals were beaten to death. VITET wit Ta r The tube of the cycle was well aired. agT 1 In the battle many conches were blown. TO MT t4T 1 He was fired by the organization.