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Role of Educational Institutions in Inculcating Values - 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the role of teacher in inculcating values

Randeep sandhu
I'm a UPSC aspirant, teacher, counselor and a motivational speaker.working with aspirants to overcome their emotional& psychological probs.

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so many examples - thanks - for -this course
  1. Human values G.S. IV- UPSC Role of Educational Institutions in inculcating Values IarI1ns student Services SupPOrt aPropate instituitio

  2. Ethics Morals Behavior Values Attitude

  3. Development of Ethics, Morals, Values and Attitude Socialization Agents

  4. University, college and School Agents of socialization Why? SC Environment Behavior Heredity

  5. School helps us to develop Cognitive skills Social skill:s Interpersonal skills Psycho motor skills

  6. Agents in school setting Teachers serve as a role model to students in the school Teachers Content plays very important role in developing the personality of a child Curriculum Co-Curricular activities Debates, quizzes, declamation, essay writing, yoga day celebration, visit to museum

  7. Matri devo bhava, pitri devo bhava and Acharya devo bhava Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam calls teachers the "best mind of the nation"

  8. The National policy on Education (1986) states that education as an organized social system has an important function in the development of moral, spiritual and aesthetic values and none can deny that teachers have a significant role to play in the realization of this objective.

  9. Carl Rogers says, "When a teacher creates a classroom climate of realness, unconditional positive regard and empathy, when he trusts the constructive tendency of the individual and the group, he has truly brought up an educational revolution"

  10. Reward and Punishment Teachers influence the Behavior Observational Learning