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Roadways Part 2
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Important update - In the class I have mentioned NH7 as the longest highway of india.Data is absolutely correct because it is the single longest highway of india whereas NH44 which is recently declared as longest highway of india is composed of several other highways also running from srinagar to kanyakumari. In case if it comes in exam and both the options are given NH7 & NH44 than read the question very carefully whether the word “single longest is used or not “. If single longest is used mark your answer as NH7 only but in case only longest is used than mark NH44.

Chetan Gaurav
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Unacademy user
After 3 days all my doubts are cleared sir, my doubt might seem silly to you as you know it, not for me. Anyhow thank you sir for providing these lessons
sir, if we are asked in the exam that NH 1 connects which two cities then should we go acc. to the new numbering or the old one?
Chetan Gaurav
9 months ago
Depends upon the option. If both are given. Than u should go with new one. But generally it examiner will not give both the option
Mayank singh
9 months ago
thank you sir. your response was quick . thanks again.
sir NH44 Is the longest highway between Srinagar to kanyakumari recently it was changed. NH7 is no longer the longest highway in india
Chetan Gaurav
a year ago
Okay dear..I will update the same info in description box of the video 😊 Thank you 😊
Chetan Gaurav
a year ago
But remember one thing NH44 is the combination of several highways than it officially declared as the longest highway of india but NH7 is still the single longest highway of india running from varanasi to kanyakumari.
Charan guttu
a year ago
OK sir thank you