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Rise of Autonomous States: Hyderabad Part 1 (in Bengali)
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By watching this anyone can know what is Rise of autonomous states. In this lesson Rise of Hydrabad state part 1 is discussed. Expected questions from this study is also taken care.

Ankita Podder is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankita Podder
Youtube Channel- SAHOJPATH and in Computer Science. University GOLD medalist in M.Tech with FIRST rank.

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thank you myam.... apner tutorial class gulo vison helpful
Ami B.a ta history honours chilo
very useful mam thanks
Ankita Podder
a year ago
Welcome. Keep learning. Please do rate review and recommend the courses.
  1. THE RISE OF AUTONOMOUS STATES By Ankita Podder. Part 1

  2. DECLINE OF MUGHAL EMPIRE Successor states. many regional kingdoms. Independent Kingdoms The new states.

  3. HELLO! I am Ankita Podder. I am here because I love to teach You can find me at

  4. HYDERABAD Let's start with the first set of slides

  5. Rise of Hydrabad State

  6. FOUNDER Mir Qamar-ud-din Khan. He established the Hyderabad state. and ruled it from 1724 to 1748.

  7. FOUNDER ALSO KNOWN AS Mir Qamar-ud-din Khan. Mir Qamar-ud-din Siddiqui. Chin - Quilich Khan. Nizam-Ul-Mulk. AsafJah.

  8. LIFE OF ASAF AH Life With Aurangzeb. 1669 At 26, he was appointed Commander in Chief and Viceroy, first in Bijapur, then Malwa and later of the Deccan

  9. LFE AFTER AURANGZEB After death of Bahadur Shah Nizam-Ul-Mlk participate in war of succession among the son's of Bahadur Shah and sided with Farrukhsiyar against Jahandar Shah Bahadur Shah NizamUl-Mulk appointed as govornor of Oudh NizamUl -Mulk didn't participate in t .. , war of succession among the son's of Aurangzeb

  10. FARRUKHSIYAR Farrukhsiyar made . Nizam Ul-Mulk Govornor of six provinces in south 'Khan-e-khana, & Nizam-Ul Mulk Bahadur Fateh Jung

  11. THANKS! Any questions? You can mail me at