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Revision of All the 50 Polity Facts (Constitutional Bodies) in a single session (in Hindi).
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Revision of the Entire course.

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please do 50 facts on non constitutional bodies laxmikanth....its very useful sir
sir can two or more ministries or departments can reject the advice of UPSC.
thankh so much sir. sir plz make a course on constiutent assembly
  1. 50 Polity Facts Constitutional Bodies (M. Laxmikanth) -By Rahul Agrawal


  3. 50 POLITY FACTS SERIES: Historical Background Supreme & High Court Parliament (Part I & I) Fundamental Rights Constitutional Bodies Emergency Provisions R. AGRAWAL

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  5. Election Commission is only Concerned with the Elections of Parliament, State Legislatures, President & Vice-President. Not Concerned with Panchayats and Municipalities. R. AGRAWAL

  6. 2 The Constitution has not specified the strength of the UPSC. Left it to the Discretion of the President. R. AGRAWAL

  7. 3 The Chairman of a SPSC can be appointed as the Chairman of UPSC. R. AGRAWAL

  8. 4 The recommendations of the Finance Commission are only of Advisory nature. Not Binding on the Government. R. AGRAWAL

  9. 5 CAG can be removed by the President on same Grounds and in same manner as a Judge of the SC. R. AGRAWAL

  10. 7 The Chairman of UPSC is not eligible for further employment in the Government of India / State. Can become Governor Of State. R. AGRAWAL

  11. 8 The Chairman of Finance Commission should be a person having experience in Public affairs. Specified by the Parliament by Finance Commission Act 1951. R. AGRAWAL

  12. 9 Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities comes under the Minority Affairs Ministry. R. AGRAWAL

  13. 10 CAG can audit any other Authority on the request of President / Governor. R. AGRAWAL

  14. 13 The Constitution also makes a Provision for the establishment of a Joint State Public Service Commission (JSPSC) for 2 or more states. R. AGRAWAL

  15. 14 UPSC & SPSC are a constitutional body, but JSPSC is a Statutory body. R. AGRAWAL

  16. 15 Election Commission has the power to cancel polls in the event of Booth Capturing, Violence. R. AGRAWAL

  17. 18 Along with the report a Memorandum is also placed before the Parliament. Explaining the Action taken / Not taken. R. AGRAWAL

  18. 19 CAG acts as a Guide, Friend and Philosopher of the PAC of the Parliament. R. AGRAWAL

  19. 20 The Advocate General must be a Person who is qualified to be appointed as a Judge of a . R. AGRAWAL

  20. An Individual Ministry / Department has no power to reject the advice of UPSC. R. AGRAWAL

  21. 23 The Finance Commission makes recommendations on the distribution of the Net Proceeds of taxes to be shared between the Centre & the States. R. AGRAWAL

  22. 24 Attorney General of India enjoys all the Privileges and Immunities that are available to a MIP. R. AGRAWAL

  23. 26 The Constitution does not contain the Procedure and grounds for the removal of Attorney General. R. AGRAWAL

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  25. 27 National Commission for SC's inquires into specific Complaints with respect to the deprivation of rights of the SC's. R. AGRAWAL

  26. 30 The CAG is an agent of the Parliament and conducts audit of Expenditure on behalf of it. Only responsible to the Parliament. v R. AGRAWAL

  27. 31 Election Commission acts as a court for settling disputes related to allotment of election symbols to political parties. R. AGRAWAL

  28. 32 The Governor can appoint any member of the SPSC as an acting Chairman, when the office of the Chairman falls vacant. R. AGRAWAL

  29. 35 The remuneration of the Advocate General is not fixed by the Constitution. Governor determines.A R. AGRAWAL

  30. 36 President can remove the Chairman / Member of UPSC on the grounds of Misbehaviour Refer to the Supreme Court. R. AGRAWAL

  31. 37 89th Constitutional Amendment Act of 20o3 bifurcated the National Commission for SC's & ST's into separate bodies. R. AGRAWAL

  32. 40 Attorney General represents the GOl in any reference made by the President under Advisory Jurisdiction of SC. R. AGRAWAL

  33. 42 Attorney General of India has the right of Audience in all courts throughout India. R. AGRAWAL

  34. 45 Election Commission determines the code of conduct to be observed by the parties & candidates during elections. v The Moment Election dates are announced. R. AGRAWAL

  35. 46 The Conditions of service of the UPSC Chairman/Member cannot be varied to his disadvantage after appointment. R. AGRAWAL

  36. 47 The Central Government and the State Governments must consult the National Commission for SC's on all major Policy matters affecting SC's. R. AGRAWAL

  37. 49 Attorney General of India cannot accept appointment as a Director in Company / Corporation. Without Permission of GOI. R. AGRAWAL

  38. 50 Constitution does not specify the Tenure, Qualifications, Salaries for removal of the Special Officer for linguistic Minorities. R. AGRAWAL

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  40. Thank You For Your Attention f Rahul Agrawal Rahul Agrawal IAS GYAN rahuldoubtdestrover R. AGRAWAL