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Respiratory System (Part 4) (in Hindi)
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SSC Faculty in Delhi since last 5 yrs . MSc. in Molecular & Human Genetics {B.H.U} , Pursuing PhD in Biotechnology . College topper in

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but i don't understand why is the govt. trying to reduce subsidy??subsidy means availability of useful commodities at cheaper rate??so why will govt. do that??plz explain
Mihir Wadekar
2 years ago
Government tries to reduce subsidy as it adds to the expenditure of the government. Resources being limited, the government can use the freed up funds on services in dire need. In the case of LPG subsidy, the oil prices are low so this is an opportune movement for reducing the burden of subsidies on the government and let the market prices prevail.
Jai Shanker
2 years ago
Thank you mihir
Shubham Gupta
2 years ago
Rightly expained Mihir .one more reason is it increases the fiscal deficit of the country.with increase in Fiscal deficit , the soveirgn rating of India can be effected and thus it will be difficult for India to raise external commercial borrowings.Till the time we do not become trade surplus country like China , we should worry abt our rating.
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