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Regulatory Bodies in India - 1
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Siva Prasad
Alumni- Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore; Part of Harvard Business School CORe 2020 cohort; Telegram ID/Promo code - akmsiva

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Q12- forest fires Ans- Since Independence and even before that Uttrakhad has been witnessing disastrous natural and in many cases human made(shifting cultivation) forest fires. Previously they were associated with demonstrations against colonial rule and its harsh forest rights policies. But there are some environment aspects also which contribute to its increased incidence; such as • As per the Forest Survey of India data, almost 50% of India’s forest areas are fire prone . • Most of these fires occur in the Chir Pine Zone. Forests with chir pine are very prone to fire, as their foliage easily catches fire. Pine needles are highly inflammable. • Poor rainfall, High temperatures with no atmospheric moisture, El Nino and climate warming. Reduce fuel moisture and lower humidity near the surface, allowing fires to more easily escape from human control, and spread more rapidly over the landscape. • Low fuel moisture levels also make fires hotter, allow them to consume more fuel, and kill more of the trees inside the fire perimeter. Due to its sporadic appearances in recent years with a peaking in 2015 itself, we should bring firm policies in working at very ground level to prevent any future outbreak; such as • Role of the community needs to be highlighted, we cannot solely blame the government for the situation • Maintenance of fire lines needs to be a continuous process for at least three months each year • Include the local communities(train, equip, authorize and supervise them by local staff of the forest department) in the management of forests chores • Establishing nurseries in order to raise saplings • Reviewing the policy regarding pine resin, especially as synthetic alternatives are available. The revenue generated through pine resin contracts is also insignificant, and the state could be compensated by the MoEFCC, GOI.
Awesome lesson bro... Can u come up with the tussle topics mentioned by u for current affairs. or just put slides of relevant info, or article links to follow up for the overlaying jurisdiction topics in description.... Thanks
  1. Regulatory Bodies Part 2 SIVA PRASAD

  2. About Me . Bachelors and Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Science (ISc), Bangalore .INSPIRE Scholar, DST Govt. of India Interested in Physics, current affairs, economics.... . Physicist, Blogger, Teacher.... Wrote UPSC CSE Mains 2017 Research Publication in Journal of Applied Physics

  3. IRDA . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority . Set up under IRDA act, 1999 Functions - licensing of insurers and insurance intermediaries, financial and regulatory supervision & protection of interests of policy holders With the objective of protecting the insurance sector, IRDA issues regulations for protection of the interests of the policy holders, obligations towards the rural and social sector, micro insurance, licensing of agents, brokers etc. Current affairs ULIPS- IRDA VS SEBI

  4. SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India . Objective protect interests of investors in securities and promote development of and regulation of securities market

  5. SEBI Functions . Regulating the business in stock exchanges and any other securities market Registration and regulation of the intermediaries who are associated with securities market in any manner Registering and regulating te working of venture capital funds and collective investment schemes including mutual funds Prohibiting fraudulent and unfair trade practices relating to securities market . Current Affairs Penny stocks

  6. CCI Competition Commission of India . Established under competition act-2002 . Mandate Prevent practices having adverse effect on competition Promote and sustain competition in the market Protect Ensure freedom of trade Current affairs - Overlapping mandates CCl vs RBl; CCl vs TRAI the interest of consumers

  7. TRAI . Telecom regulatory authority of India TRAl Act, 1997 Post liberalisation and privatisation in the telecom sector, to provide a level playing field for all telecom operators TRAl chalks out measures to promote competition and efficiency in the operation of telecommunication services so as to facilitate growth in such services and lay down standards of quality of service to be provided by the service provider Telecom dispute settlement and appellate tribunal (TDSAT) - for settlement of disputes . Current affairs Call drops, Net neutrality, Reliance Jio

  8. Forward Market commission . Statutory body . Set up under the forward contracts (regulations) act, 1952 . Regulate forwards market and improves functioning and development Protect interest of investors Merged with SEBI

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