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Reflection of Light - 1 (in Hindi)
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Overview of this chapter--What is light, Properties of Light

Kritika Kapoor
B.Tech in ECE, ex content writer in grade up, ex employee of loyalty square (Maths Olympiad). I am here to gain and spread knowledge

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pls provide nitin singhania ch-11,12,13,14 it will very helpful because i fully relied on your course.
class 10 complete science all'chapter explain full chapter, please give me,mam
class 10 complete science all'chapter explain full chapter, please give me,mam
mam can you make video on electricity and magnetism please it's urgent
electromagnetic waves Nahi samasjh me Aya full details

  2. HELLO! I am Kritika Kapoor I am here because I love to teach.

  3. CONTENTS +Introduction + Properties of light

  4. LIGHT It is a form of energy that causes the sensation of sight Sl Study of light is known as Optics


  6. Two IMPORTANT TERMS RELATED To LIGHT + Reflection + Dispersion + Total Internal Reflectionnterference + Refraction + Diffraction Scattering of Light + Polarization

  7. PROPERTIES OF LIGHT Light is an electromagnetic radiation that has properties of wave. Light tends to travel in straight line. + Light has dual nature i.e. wave as well as particle. + Light casts shadow. +Speed of light is maximum in vacuumi.e. 3x10 m/s.

  8. ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES Electic Field +EM waves are the waves -Wavelength that are created as a result of vibrations between magnetic and electric field. Direction

  9. DUAL NATURE OF LIGHT +Sometimes it behave +Sometimes it behaves like a particle (photon), which explain how light travels in a straight line. like a wave, which explains how light bends (or diffracts) around an object

  10. Particles Waves Particles and wave Reflected by a Mirror