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Navneeta Tripathi
P.G in Edu,Eco& Bachelor in Education UGC-NET in Education. Research Scholar. Learner,writer,reader,singer,sports lover&so on

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thank you sir..these are highly beneficial 🤗
bohot sare naya topic add kiya hai education mai plz ap wo sab discuss kardijiye ga
mam jo naye topic add hue h pls unka explanations bhi daye
Navneeta Tripathi
3 months ago
Sure I'll
didi apne idealism and realism ka lesson ni rakha?
Navneeta Tripathi
6 months ago
All lessons covered plz do check properly..if any topic left plz do mention here as I am on health rest still try to make lessons extremely sorry for the delay
Ekta Patel
6 months ago
mam take care...a lesson on idealism is not there...kindly hv a look at it...
idealism ka explain kro mam ...
Mam pls explain idealism
Navneeta Tripathi
6 months ago
Already on special class...plz do watch
  1. Realism Created By- Navneeta Tripathi User ID-

  2. Meaning of Realism According to Swami ram Tirth- "Realism means a belief or theory which looks upon the world as it seems to us." This philosophy believes the existence of the world. According to Butler-Realism is the reinforcement of our common acceptance of the world as it appears to us." Reaction against idealism Aristotle is generally recognized as the father of realism This philosophy believes that the real world is the world of nature Res is Greek word which means matter realism = Matter + Thought

  3. Forms of Realism Humanistic Realism-Given by Erasmus, Rabelais Milton. Based on the happiness of the human being. Social Realism-Given by Lord Montaigne, john Locke. To acquaint the child with natural and social environment Sense Realism-Richard Mulcaster, Francis Bacon Volfgang Ratke , John Amos Comenius. Development and training of the senses Neo Realism-Whitehead, Bertrand Russell emphasis on science and arts both. Scientific Realism- Herbert Spencer .scientific method of teaching

  4. Metaphysics World is true Pluralistic world- materials, ideas experiences World is self caused The world is an mechanism

  5. Epetemology Knowledge derived from experience Scientific method is useful to acquire the knowledge Alfred North Whitehead & Bertrand Russell advocate the use of this method

  6. Axiology Discover values in the immediate social like. Emphasis on present practical of life Behaviour should be socially & rationally acceptable Lead present happy life

  7. Principles of Realism Phenomenal world is true Emphasis on experiment Emphasis on present practical life Rejection of transcendentalism Regularity in objectivity Do not believe in ideal value Senses are the gateways of knowledge