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Reading Comprehension PYQs : Session III
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Reading Comprehension PYQs.

Khushboo Kumari
Teaching is a passion! Have 5 years of teaching experience. Now, I am on my way to make my dream a reality.

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  2. C Secure unacademy AHome ( Explore a Search Courses, Topics &Educators Khushboo Singh Rajput / VERIFIED Follow Left lucrative job opportunities in corporate field for UPSC. Have 4 years of experience in teaching. Follow for CSAT for UPSC & PIB Updates 49,387 This month views 939,259 Lifetime Views 75 Courses 43.4k Followers5 Following UNACADEMY PLUS Ancient, Medieval History and Art& Culture By Khushboo Singh Rajput By Khushboo Singh Rajput CSAT Paper 2 Concepts & Practice to Qualify Prelims 2018 CSAT Paper 2: Reading Comprehension Previous Year Questions (Hindi) March 2018 PIB Summary and Analysis for UPSC CSE

  3. Back to Plus CSAT Paper 2 - Concepts & Practice to Qualify Prelims 2018 abim SCHEDULE TIMINGS 31st March to 4th May 2018 4:00 pm- 5:30 pm 0.00 50mt acade YouTube [] Cc Khushboo Singh Rajput 31st March to 4th May 2018 36 hours of live classes Private Discussion Forums About this course Doubt clearing sessions and Live quizzes 7,400 Inclusive of all taxes In this course, Khushboo will cover entire CSAT PAPER 2 topics which will include Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and Reading Comprehensions which will be helpful for UPSC CSE aspirants. The course will be conducted in Hinglish (80% English and 20% Hindi) and will be focused on Prelims Apply for this Plus Course Last date to apply is 31st March LIMITED SEATS, Cost increases on 21st March

  4. PASSAGE Malnutrition most commonly occurs between the ages of six months and two years. This happens despite the child's food requirements being less than that of an older child. Malnutrition is often attributed rty, but it has been eat adequate quantities of food, more than 50 per cent of children underfive do not consume enough food. The child'sdependence on someone else to feed him/her is primarily responsible for the malnutrition. Very often the mother is working and the responsibility of feeding the young child is left to an older sibling. It is therefore crucial to increase awareness regarding the child's food needs and how to satisfy them.

  5. According to the passage, malnutrition in children can be reduced. a) if the children have regular intake of food (b) after they cross the age of five (c) if the food needs of younger children are known (d) if the responsibility of feeding younger children is given to adults.

  6. According to the author, poverty is not the main cause of malnutrition, but the fact that. taking care of younger ones is not a priority for working mothers. awareness of nutritional needs is not propagated by the Public Health authorities. Select the correct answer using the codes given below: (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2

  7. PASSAGE India has suffered from persistent high inflation. Increase in administered prices, demand and supply imbalances, imported inflation aggravated by rupee depreciation, and speculation - have combinedto keep high inflation going. If there is an element common to all of them, it is that many of them are the outcomes of economic reforms. India's vulnerability to the effects of changes in international prices has increased with trade liberalisation. The effort to reduce subsidies has resulted in a continuous increase in the prices of commodities that are administered. [2015 II]

  8. What is the most logical, rational and crucial message that is implied in the above passage? (a) Under the present circumstances, India should completely avoid all trade liberalisation policies and all subsidies (b) Due to its peculiar socio-economic situation, India is not yet ready for trade liberalisation process (c) There is no solution in sight for the problems of continuing poverty and inflation in India in the near future (d) Economicreforms can often create a high inflation economy

  9. PASSAGE Many people in India feel that if we cut our defence expenditure on weapon-building, we can create a climate of peace with our neighbours, subsequently reducing the conflict or creating a no-war situation. People who proclaim such ideas are either the victims of war or the propagators of false argument. [2015 I]

  10. With reference to the above passage, which of the following is the most valid assumption? (a) Building of weapons systems by us has instigated our neighbours to wage wars against us. (b) The greater spending on weapon-building by us would lessen the possibility of armed conflict with our neighbours. . (c) It is necessary to have state of the art weapons systems for national security. (d) Many people in India believe that we are wasting our resources on weapon-building