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Railway Group D Question Number 1 to 10 (in Hindi)
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In this lecture series i explain all the question of RRB group D exam held in 2013

Deepak Pandey
I have more than 2 years Experience of Teaching . Entrepreneur#Educator#Social Worker#Cuisine Connoisseur.

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sir apko to sabhi subject ke bare me achaa knowledge h...u r my faviorte sir
Deepak Pandey
10 months ago
Thank you Atul
sir apko to sabhi subject ke bare me achaa knowledge h...u r my faviorte sir
Deepak Pandey
10 months ago
Thank You Atul
Deepak Pandey
7 months ago
Thank you Suryansh..
Deepak Pandey
a year ago
Thank you Sourav. Course on Current affairs 2018 added very Soon..
Deepak Pandey
10 months ago
Keep Blessing
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  2. 1. In which Governor General's eign was the first train service started in 1853? (A) ord William Bentick (C) Lord Canning (B) Lord Cornwallis (D) Lord Dalhousie

  3. (B) 3 Group of cells having a common origin and performing similar functions are called: (A) Tissues (C) Organ systems 2. (B) (D) Organs None of the above

  4. 3. An ethnic group "Karen" can be found in which country ? (A) China (B) Libya (C) Myanmar(D) Egypt

  5. In which country is Arakan Yoma, an extension of the Himalayan ranges situated ? (A) Pakistan B) Myanmar C) Nepal 4. (D) Bhutarn

  6. (A) 5 Triton' is the largest moon of which planet ? (A) Saturn (B) Neptune (C) Jupiter (D) Uranus

  7. 6. The acid present in the stomach which helps in the digestion of food is (A) Nitric acid (C) Hydrogen chloride (B) Sulphuric acid (D) None of the above

  8. (B) 22 (A) 21 (C) 23 Average of 15 numbers is 7. Out of them the average of first 8 numbers is 6.5 and the average of last eight numbers is 9.5. The middle number is: (A) 21 (C) 23 7. (B) (D) 22 None of the above

  9. 128 JIR: 128-105

  10. . C80000 *. (A) 116000 . (B) 108000 8. A, B, C started a shop by investing Rs. 27,000, Rs. 81,000 and Rs. 72,000 respectively. At the end of one year, B's share of total profit was Rs. 36,000. What was the total profit ? (A) Rs. 116000 (C) Rs. 80000 (B) Rs. 108000 (D) None of the above

  11. (13) (C) Which country became the 156th member of WTO ? (A) Taiwan (C) Iran 9. (B) (D) Russia None of the above