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Railway exams important 2500 MCQs : Part - 28 (In Hindi)
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Railways previous MCQs are discussed in detail.

Ravendra Yadav
Am an engineer by profession,Teacher by passion. ☺️ any doubt? don't worry I will hunt it.

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  3. 741. Bhagat singh thrown bomb in legislative assembly in? A. 8 April 1929 B. 7 April 1929 c. 5 April 1929 D. 6 April 1929

  4. 742. Diwan-e Kohi was established by? A. Firoz shah tughlaq B. Muhammad bin tughlaq C. D. Hemu

  5. 743. Hydraulics breaks are based on the principle of? A. Pascal's law B. Newton's law C. D. Avagrado's rule

  6. 744. Ycom revolt was started in? A. Madhya Pradesh B. Maharashtra c. Uttrakhand D. Kerala

  7. 745. Rupee symbol was accepted in? A. 2008 B. 2006 C. D. 2011

  8. 746. Babri mosque was constructed by? A. Mir kasim B. Mir bakki C. D. Shahjahan

  9. 747. Olympic museum was situated in? A. Lausanne B. Geneva C. D. Paris

  10. 748. Worlds oldest grain is? A. Wheat B. Cotton c. Jawair D. Tobacco

  11. 749. Automotive research station of India is situated in? A. Mumbai B. Nasik C. D. Kolhapur

  12. 750. Treaty of mandsaur was held in which year? A. 1818 B. 1919 C. D. 1616

  13. 754. Share market was first started in which country? A. China B. India c. Switzerland D. Netherland

  14. 756. Dhvanchand stadium is situated in which city? A. Bhopal B. Hvderabad c. Delhi D. Lucknow

  15. 757. Which country is called "Pearl of East"? A. India B. Japan C. D. China

  16. 758. Kuka movement took place in which place? A. Rajasthan B. Punjab C. J&k D. Odisha

  17. 759. Wandiwash battle was fought in? A. 1750 B. 1740 C. D. 1760