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Races and Games Questions(in Malayalam)
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This session contains the important questions from the topic races and games

Anish M Tharur
An Electrical and Electronics Engineer, a motivated CAT Aspirant having clear idea of teaching and learning enhancement through interaction

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this course is really helpful sir thanku so much
  1. RACES AwD GAMEs 4. viong agtat m a distanteor in | a Time g . A is 1 times faster than B H A gives B a start ot 8om, houw Comveysion of multiple ratio in a long should the race coursc beso single satio that both reach at Same tume Question on games Am 9%- Practise quustions and keys for 4m goun A hou to mun 9m 4- (3) In a km rat or loseconds Find time taken b A to compete the ace. 180m (9) In a race of 8o0m, A can beat B to scconds^8dm and im a rauu 600m, B caun beat c by Gom. How many meters A beat c im 4o0m ? Bs timu = D-1000-2004ec. A BC 40 A wilt take a001010sec o:9