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Quick Indian History 5 - Vedic Age 2

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Vijay Kadyan

The early Vedic polity  Chief social unit of the aryans was known as Jana.  The chief of this unit was the political leader called rajan.  The main function of the chief was to protect the Jana and cattle from the enemies  Helped by tribal assemblies called Sabha, samiti, vidhata, jana, and parishad.  Sabha and samiti were most important.  These assemblies limited the power of the chiefs.  Women allowed – Sabha and samities.  Post of chief was not hereditary.  The tribe generally elected him.  Succession in one family was known but that was not based on the rule of primogeniture (i.e. oldest son acquiring the position).  Purohit – assisted and advised the chief. Other official – limited who assisted the chief were senani, kulapa, gramani, etc.  Taksham – the carpenter.  Rathkara – the chariot maker.

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