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Questions - Set 1
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Questions set 1

Tanzia Naaz
BE graduate with 2+ years of experience in IT Industry. 1+ year experience into teaching.

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Give a pdf of the course like Mrunal.
Great explaination
  1. Questions -Set 1 By Tanzi a Naaz

  2. Questions 1. If P # Q means P is the sister of Q Pmeans P is the wife of Q P means P is the son of Q means P is the mother of O then what will come in the place of question mark, if it is provided that D is the daughter-in-law of T in the expression D S R ? L@T ? b) # c) s d@ or@ a) t

  3. Sol .d) @ D $ R means D is mother of R L @ T means L is son of T for D to be daughter in law of T then R must be the son of L (R @ L means R is son of L) which makes them a couple( L and D) and hence D becomes daughter in law for T

  4. 2. F is the Father of D, who is the father of S. M is the grandmother of R, who is the son of O. N is paternal uncle of R, who is brother of S. What is the relationship between O and R? a)Mother and son c) Father and son e) Cannot be determined b) uncle and nephew d) No relation

  5. Sol: I. Fis father of D who II. M is the grandmother of R, who is the son of C O can be daughter /son/Son in lawf daughter in law to M is father of S a Grandnothe D+ O can be mother or father to R R+ III. N is paternal uncle of R, who is brother of S R is brother of S means D is father of R. R is son of O, so O is mother of R. aMother and son N+ R-

  6. 3. Looking at a lady in a photograph, Tanya said, She is my mother's mother's daughter. How is the lady related to Tanya? a Aunt d) Mother b) Sister e) Cannot be determined c) Sister in law Sol : Start from Last Mother's daughter It can be you or may be your sister Since it is not specified that mother's mother have how many daughters, so lady can be mother or aunt of Tanya. e) Cannot be determined