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Questions on Thermodynamics (in Hindi)
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1st part of basic questions on thermodynamics

Ankit maharshi
mechanical engineer # music lover Preparing for gate examination like to play badminton & reading books

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sir please bring 2 more videos on solved examples of ydse they are very helpful
Nice way of elimination of options to catch the right one.. Very good to approach to fetch maxi. No of right questions
This video proves very helpful for me... Great going!! .. Keep it up..!
Best way for concept building...👌
Good collection of questions Ankit Sir.
Good collection of questions Ankit Sir!!!
  1. Overview Thermodynamics through basic questions. Detailed explaination of questions. Target audience -gate aspirants -iit-jee aspirants -medical aspirants. Follow me on unacademy @ankitmaharshi64

  2. 1.The study of thermodynamics provides answer of the following: 1. Whether a process is feasible or not 2. To quantity the energy required for a process 3. Rate or speed with which a process occurs 4. Extent to which a reaction/process takes place which of the above statements are correct? (a)1,2 and 3 (b)1 and 2 (c) 1,2 and 4 (d) 2,3 and 4 Ans:c 2.Consider the following statements 1.Thermodynamics properties are the macroscopic coordinates significant only for systems existing in states of thermodynamics equilibrium 2.Engineering thermodynamics studies about transfer and transformation of energy. 3.Thermodynamics studies about storage,transfer and transformation of energy. which of the above is/are correct? (a) 3 only (b) 1 and 3 (c) 2 only (d) 1 and 2 Ans:b

  3. 3. In quasistatic process the pressure in a system 1. Remains constant 2. Varies with temperature 3. Is everywhere constant at an instant 4. Increase if volume increase Ans:c 4. A thermodynamics system refers to 1. Any defined region in space 2. a specified mass in fluid flow 3. A specified region of constant volume 4. A prescribed and identifiable quantity of matter Ans:4

  4. 5. The expression for work done during a process integration of pdv is applicable for 1. A reversible process only 2. Irreversible process only 3. Polytropic process only 4. Any process Ans:1 6.Which one of the following statement holds good for the equation del(a)-delta(E)+del(w) 1.Any process undergone by a closed stationary system 2.Any process reversible and irreversible and for a system 3.A closed system when only flow work is present 4.Only for reversible process Ans:2

  5. 7. According to first law of thermodynamic:s delta(energy of system) + delta (energy of surroundings) 1.Positive 2.negative 4. None of these Ans:3 8. The first law of thermodynamics takes the form W- -delta(H) when applied to 1.A closed system undergoing a reversible adiabatic process 2.An open system undergoing an adiabatic process with negligible changes in kinetic and potential energies 3.A closed system undergoing a reversible constant volume process 4.A closed system undergoing a reversible constant pressure process Ans:2

  6. 9. If the time taken by a system to execute a process through a finite temperature gradient is infinitely large the process 1. Becomes reversible 2. Remains irrrevsible 3. Becomes isothermal 4. Becomes adiabatic Ans:3 10.A system and its environment put together constitute 1. An adiabatic system 2. An isolated system 3. A closed system 4. A homogenous system Ans:2