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Questions on property of odd and even function
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Questions on odd and even functions, determinant involved, derivative of odd is even

Manoj Chauhan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Manoj Chauhan
Maths faculty for IIT JEE (Main and Advance), Maths Specialist for Calculus, Ex Senior faculty Vibrant Academy,Top notch online faculty

Unacademy user
Pls upload many videos madam
maths ncert = quaran
maths ncert = quaran
Sir you told that we cannot differentiate it because it is undefined at zero .. but after differentiating it as it comes as an even function we put the limits 0-1 now it is differntiable at 0+ right?
Nisha Saha
8 months ago
I am talking about the sum at 8:45
Nisha Saha
8 months ago
that arctan(1/x) sum
Sinchan DC
5 months ago
No... after differentiating, the function becomes wrong as u r differentiating a function in a range where it is not differentiable everywhere, analyse it carefully :-)