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Questions on Partnership: Part 3 (in Hindi)
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Partnership: Questions

Amar Sir is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Amar Sir
Teaching with a unique way 'Math Dikhta Hai', developed over 24 years. Taught 50k+ students with 5k+ positive results

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Thanks mam for explaining efficiently
thankyou 😄
little confusing sir what is the logic behind multiplying 4,6,3 by 1.5 its not explained in the video
  1. A renowned faculty of Objective Mathematics, Personal Interview/ GD, General Studies, Indian History Amar Sir An experience of 24 yrs of teaching at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro [Jharkhand] and Sambalpur [Odisha]. Thousands of successful students in Bank/SSC/Railway/Civil Services gan is: Math Dikhta Hai"


  3. "Profits are distributed in the ratio of investments, if other conditions are the same" PARTNERSHIP QUESTIONS Amar Sir

  4. Os: Prakash, Sunil and Pril sket 3. bwine join inveoting ? 11 lakh, at lh endg15w.yus wes 19.Ske kw. So Paash Suni Anil : 16.S2S xy 2x33, 35. 2 X4 xy "Totd 9

  5. 4 C.uus.. A, B and C Con tract a woYK fo 550,1 What wil, ! haou C ? Solution Pe

  6. A B and C can do a worK 20, 2S and 5. Gun : A exceeds lkar B by how uch ? SolutiA IS 1O I 5 12O3 37 180

  7. 6. uustion: Mr. ShivKuman stanted a buis ines by investing 25,000 199. In 1997, he imvested an additiomal amount oj z 10,oo0 and My. Ra Kesh Joined him with an amourt et 35,000. In 1998, Mr. Shiv Kum a invested anothen additional amount 2 10,00o and Mr. Suresh joined them with an amoun 35, ooo, what wiU he Rakesh's h aviim lla Prof 1,50,000 earned at the end Ihyu yearn frorn th. Atant thu Sus men wn 1996 ?

  8. 6. oluticm Rakesh SureTotel Shivkum 25x1+3SX1 +4SXI an : 35 2 : 35x1 3XS 2. Shivkuman 350 0 0 1-45,000 1996 1997 1998 Rake h 35,000 Swnesh

  9. 7.Guastion: Vimla and Suajeet started a shop joimtly by investing 9,000 and 10,500 nespectively. Atta 4 months Jaya joined them by ivetg 12,500, while Surjeet withdrew 2,000. At the end of the ean, IRere was a profit of 4.770. Find K sheru Jaye Solution: 12 12,Soo Vimla 90 x12issxs 12xg Tays Total 25x2 IS9 4770 1500 S4