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Questions on Hydrostatic Forces (in English)
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This lesson throws light on questions on hydrostatic forces.

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  3. QUESTION What is the total pressure on a circular plate of 2m diameter immersed horizontally in water at a depth of Im. (2 31 . 4.xN

  4. QUESTION A cylindrical tank of 2m diameter and 10m length is laid with its axis parallel to the horizontal plane and cylinder is filled with water just to its top. What is the hydrostatic force on one of its end plates? a) 23 KN b) 61.51 KN c) 30.76 KN d) 19.58 KN

  5. SOLUTION , D+41D 6 2 8 .ex x (2)2. 2 2 4 30.819KN 2 8

  6. QUESTION A sliding gate 3m width and 1.5m height lies in a vertical plane against the frictional surface which has coefficient of friction 0.2 between the gate roller and vertical rubbing surface. The self weight is 2T (19.6 kN).The upper edge of gate is 10m below the free water surface. Determine the vertical force required to lift the gate against self weight and frictional force. Neglect Buoyancy effect on the gate a) 115 kNN b) 494 kN c) 95 kN d) 125 kN

  7. SOLUTION HOIST CAPAcry act END VIEW o m FL FT ferce :0.2 r5 | . @g) h K A t Sm 2 3m 3 x 1 S 9% 2000 kg

  8. SOLUTION 94.91 Lo Lad ded Lift force self + ff = 0.AX4F4.56 PA RN 94911-175 = 19.6 + 94.91 = 1 14.5 IKN 94 91KN

  9. QUESTION A rectangular plate 30cm x 50cm is immersed vertically in water with its longer side edge vertical.The total hydrostatic force on one side of the plate is estimated as 17.6kN.Now the plate is turned in the vertical plane about its centroid by 90 degrees and keeping other parameters remains same, then the new total force on one side of the plate would be a) 8.8 kN b) 15.6 kN c) 17.6 kN d) 19.6 kN

  10. SOLUTION 3o em 0.3 n 2 8-11- 1 m