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Questions on Buoyancy (in English)
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In this lesson, questions on buoyancy have been discussed.

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  3. QUESTION Two bodies one is solid sphere and another body is hollow cube which are in equal surface area. What is the ratio of the buoyancy force by the fluid on the surface to that on the cube? 8 sphere Fs cube.

  4. SOLUTION Solid sphere Given (fluid surface = hrea Ra 6a2 4T h cube Fe cube 2 Ji

  5. SOLUTION Fe cube Mf tube x Vcube 3 AR3 3 R2, 6 6 B spve 8 tubR

  6. QUESTION An unknown specific gravity of body of uniform cross section is allowed to submerge in two fluid system as shown in fig. 40% of body volume submerged in mercury fluid and remaining 60% volume of body in water:Then sPecific gravity of body is? Swo S R: 130

  7. QUESTION A 10 kg body, 1000 cm2 cross section area is kept in 2 layered fluid system and connected to a spring of the spring balance at the bottom of the container.The arrangement is shown in figure 2SL Determine I. Spring balance reading 2. Gauge pressure at the bottom of the body Ratio of the buoyancy forces offered by water to that of oil Balan 3.

  8. SOLUTION T03.0 N Bo FREE SURFACE oF iquids 1.56 .1000 x 9-SI .xo- 5 t 800 x 9.81 x tox +