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Questions on Anharmonicity and Force Constant
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A Sethi
PhD Chemistry (In Progress). Cracked tons of entrances like BITSAT, NDA, IIT-JAM, GATE, BARC, TIFR, DRDO among many others.

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The recent step taken by the prime minister of demonetisation is regarded as one of the boldest step to curb black money, corruption and fake currency, After the announcement there has been 2 way flow of criticism and appraisals. Appraisal for being a good policy and criticism because of inefficient implementation. Few implementation issues include: 1. The policy was kept secret so that black money hoarders do not dispose it but this sudden announcement caused hardships for the banks, banks were not prepared for the same, banks were running out of 100 notes. 2. ATM were not functional. New notes were smaller in size they were not fitting in the ATM. The speed at which atm are calibrated is not smooth. 3. Refugees who do not have proper identification cards. There savings are washed off. 4. Long queues outside banks and ATM have caused hardships for the common people, senior citizens are haressed. 5. Owing to low digital literacy in India this step is regarded to be before time. In India majority dealings happen in cash. 6. Though the speed at which new currency is being printed is commendable but it not enough. Low cash availability has caused cash crunch. But having said this, the policy itself also has certain loopholes like: 1. Introduction of 2000 notes can again be accumulated as black money. 2. Huge black money is stashed in foreign accounts, this issue is unaddressed. 3. Majority of black money is already in flow being invested in golf and real estate, this issue is also not taken care off. 4. Before making India a cashless economy more focus should be given cyber security. Recent case of cyber fraud causing cancellation of debit and credit cards questions authencity of digital payments. This step is definitely an applaudable decision, it will surely help in curbing black money, terror funding, illicit election funding but certain a concern areas should also be taken care off.
Thank you for answers
good introduction, and the way it was described.
Sarthak Soni
3 years ago
Though it maybe a bold step but one should not forget that it doesn't bar the person's intention of doing corruption. Moreover our country is suffering more from "Policy Driven Corruption" which normal person cannot understand. There are at present many sufficient and necessary establishments within govt. to curb black money and their holders and to their black money generating tricks. The need of an hour is to use them with full political and administrative will without any fear of consequences.
This was an awesome course.. Sir I noticed essentially both formulas are the same... Just to rearrange and take root on both sides to get the original oscillating frequency formula if we treat We=Wosc
It's really very useful... I want more topics from you... Doing a great job sir 🙏
sir I have no words,how much u are helping us .thanks sir
thank u sir for this clear cut short explanation