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In this lesson, questions (93 - 102) have been explained.

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Boss..please "go slowly " next time.
sir NOx is form due to availability of O2, if combustion is not fully completed then there is no excess O2 then how NOx form due to incomplete combustion in ques no 100
  1. COURSE: Question on I C Engine Lesson: Question (93-102

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  3. Question 93 An engine produces 10 kW brake power while working with a brake thermal efficiency of 30%. If the calorific value of the fuel used is 40, 000 kJ/Kg, then what is the fuel consumption? (a) 1.5 kg/hour (b) 3.0 kg/hour (c) 0.3 kg/hour (d) 1.0 kg/hour

  4. Solution 93 B.P B.P x 3600 10x 3600 or m, x 3600 (c)0.3 x 400003Kg/hr Ans b

  5. Question 94 The silencer of an internal combustion engine (a) Reduces noise (c) Increase BSFC (b) decrease brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) (d) has no effect on its efficiency Ans a

  6. Question 95 Which one of the following set of materials is most commonly used in catalytic converters for CI engines? (a) Platinum, palladium and rhodium (b) Palladium, rhodium and ruthenium (c) Rhodium, ruthenium and platinum (d) Ruthenium, platinum and palladium Ans a

  7. Question 96 The three way catalytic converter cannot control which one of the following? (a) HC emission (c) NOx emission (b) CO emission (d) PM emission

  8. Solution 96 3-way catalytic converter Palladium> CO Rhodium-NOx PlatinumHC 3-way catalytic converter consist platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd) and Rhodium (Rb) Rhodium first convert NOX into N2 and O2. Platinum convert hydrocarbon (HC) into H20 and CO2. Palladium convert CO (carbon mono-oxide) into CO2. It has a honey comb structure Ans d

  9. Question 97 Which of the following symptoms shows that the combustion is necessarily complete? (a) Presence of free carbon in exhaust (b) Presence of CO in exhaust (c) Presence of oxygen in exhaust (d) Presence of nitrogen in exhaust Ans : c

  10. Question 98 Which one of the following automobile exhaust gas pollutants is a major cause of photochemical smog? (a) CO (b) HC (c) NOx (d) SO

  11. Question 99 The presence of nitrogen in the products of combustion ensures that: (a) Complete combustion of fuel takes place (b) Incomplete combustion of fuel occurs (c) Dry products of combustion are analyzed (d) Air is used for the combustion Ans d

  12. Question 101 The discharge of hydrocarbons from petrol automobile exhaust is minimum when the vehicle is: (a) Idling (b) Cruising (c) Accelerating(d) Decelerating Ans b