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Question No [1-5] (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains brief explanation of Question no. 1 to 5.

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Seraj Uddin
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काब्य होता है या काव्य?
Subodh singh
a year ago
काव्य होता है
sir please make a video on dsssb previous year paper solution
nice course sir...plz aisa course fm or som par b bnaiye
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
Will be available very soon.thanks
Parminder Singh
a year ago
ok thank u sir
sir soil machenics ki best book konse writer ki h ( in Hindi language) ) for preparation of SSC je
Thanks Sir 🙏 very useful questions next subject SOM and HYD..
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
Your welcome dear
Thank u sir...all lectures hv gud level. ...plz add more....In 3 days....
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
  1. 100 MCQ Soil Mechanics unacademy

  2. 1. Which of the following bonding is responsible to combine the kaolinite clay minerals? A) covalent bond B) hydrogen bond C) ionic bond D) polar covalent bond

  3. KAOLINITE- aelinite Consist re based Held orn stngle sheet en On g siluca Combined with sringle Sheet ibbsite

  4. 2 The___soil transported by the gravitational forces. A) alluvial soil B) colluvial soil C) loess D) til

  5. 2 Alluvial Soi ver water 0 Manne soil- Seana tex 4coline Sonl pavitational ore

  6. 3. Which of the following is responsible for the formation of residual soil? A) glaciers B) water C) wind D) none of these

  7. 4 Geologic cycle for the formation of soil, is A) upheaval> transportation> deposition> weathering B) weathering> upheaval> transportation> deposition C) weathering> transportation> deposition> upheaval

  8. 5 What would be the void ratio of the soil mass, if porosity of a soil mass is 0.35? A) 0.26 B) 0.35 C) 0.54 D) 0.60

  9. Sy Given poros)- 03s 0 35 , .sy