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Question-answer on Animal Cell Culture & Regulations
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This lesson has set of 15 questions along with it's answers discussed from the topic- Animal cell culture and regulations.

Gayatri Kumari
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why is the energy needed in plant is very less as compared to animal
glucose in fact breakdown in to lactic acid
is it solution of gate BT.
Gayatri Kumari
7 months ago
  1. GAYATRI KUMARI BSc triple major in Biotechnology, Botany and Chemistry Educator at Unacademy Painter and Dancer Yoga practitioner Rate, Review and Recommend. Follow me on. 3606 Comment box below welcomes all your questions.

  2. For culturing, plasma from the adult chicken is preferred to mammalian plasma because 1. it forms a clear and solid coagulum even after dilution it is too opaque it doesn't produce solid clots it forms a semi solid coagulum B. C. D.

  3. 2. Toxicity due to accumulation of ammonia can be overcome A. by substituting glutamine by glutamate B by controlled addition of glutamine at low level by removal of ammonia or ammonium from culture medium C. D. all of the above

  4. 4. Disaggregating of cells can be achieved by A. physical disruption B. enzymatic digestion C. treating with chelating agents D. all of the above

  5. 5. Accumulation of lactate leads to A. increase in pH B. no change in phH C. reduction in the pH of culture hence loss of cell viability D. no loss of cell viability

  6. 6. When dissolved oxygen is Iower than the critical concentration, viable cell concentration declines because of A. incomplete glutamine oxidation increase in specific lactate production from B. glucose both (a) and (b) accumulation of ammonia C. D.

  7. Excess CO2 suppress cell growth and productivity by A. inhibiting respiration 8. altering intracellular pH by diffusing across B. cell membrane both (a) and (b) altering pH of the medium C. D.

  8. 9. Which of the following is incorrect? Established cell lines (ECL) have short Adoubling time B. ECL are invariably aneuploid C. ECL grow in higher density D. EC L do not show much evidence of spatial orientation

  9. 10. What is the effect of excess accumulation of metabolite products (lactate and ammonium) on cells? A. B. C. They act as growth promoters They act as growth inhibitors Have no effect on cells Lactate helps in the growth while D. ammonium inhibits the growth

  10. 11. What is the concentration of CO2 required for culturing animal cells? A. 2-5% B. 1-10% C. 10-15% D. 15-20%