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Quantum numbers-3(In Hindi)
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In this lesson we will learn about some important problems based on the concept quantum numbers mainly for IIT-JEE students

Niranjay Kumar Dwivedi
(N.K.D.Sir) is a Complete Chemistry faculty for IIT~JEE, and NEET examination. with more then 8 year of Teaching experience

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  1. Quantum Numbers-3 By-N.K.D. Sir Please -Rate review and share this lesson

  2. (a) A compound of vanadium has a magnetic moment of 1.73 BM. Find the electronic configuration of vanadium ion in the compound (b) Name the orbitals corresponding to given set of quantum numbers (a) n = 3, 1-2, m = 2 (b) n=4, 1-0, m = 0 (c) n-2, l-1,mtl (d) n=2, 1=1, m = 2 Solution (a)Magnetic moment- Vn(n+2) where nnumber of unpaired electrons V n (n + 2) = 1 .73 n2 + 2n = (1 .73), n = 1 Therefore vanadium atom must have one unpaired electron and thus its electronic configuration 23V" : ls, 2s, 2p" 3s, 3p6 3d1 (b) (a) 3dx2 -y or 3dxy (b) 4s2px or 2py d) no such orbital 2 ,2

  3. (a) Find the orbital angular momentum of an electron in the following orbital (i) 3p (ii) 3d (iii) 3s (b)Arrange the electrons represented by the following sets of quantum number in decreasing order of energy (i) n=4,1=0,m-0, ms = + 1 / 2 (ii) (iii) n = 3,1-0, m = 0,ms = 1/2 (vi) n-3, 1-2, m=0, ms l/2 n=3,1=0,m=0,ms =-1/2 (a)11 =./1(1+1) =ji(1+1) h 2 (i) For 3p, 1V1(+1)V2 h Solution (ii) For 3d , 1-2 .- 2(2 +1)- 6h (iii) For 3s, 1-0, 1-0 (b) Higher is the value of (n +I) higher is the energy; if (n+)are same, higher the rn values, higher the energy Fori) n+ 44s orbital For (iii) n+1 =43p orbital Decreasing order of energy-(i) > (i) > (iii) > (iv) For (ii) n+1=53d orbital For (iv), n+ 3 3s orbital

  4. The number of electrons in sulphur atom having +13? (a)2 (b)4 (c) 6 (d) 8 Solution The electronic configuration of sulphur atoms 1s2 2s2 2p 3s2 3p*, the orbitals with (n+1) = 3 are 2p and 6s, therefore 8 electrons in sulphur atom have n+1-3. (d) Which atom contains an electron with quantum number n 3, (b) Co 2, m1, s/2 (a)Ne (c) Cl (d) K Quantum numbers n = 3,1 = 2, m =-1 S =-1/2 represents 3d electron which is present in Co. . . (b) Solution

  5. Which of the following set of quantum numbers belong to highest energy? (a) n 4,1-0,m-0,s+ 2 2 (c) n 3,1-1,m-1,s+ (d) n 3,1 2,m-1, 2 2