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PYQ BPSC AE 2012 PAPER-4 General Engineering Science Part-2 (in Hindi)
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PYQ BPSC AE 2012 PAPER-4 General Engineering Science Conventional Part-2 (in Hindi)

Shashi Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shashi Kumar
Civil Engg.(B.Tech,M.Tech), GATE, UPSC ESE, More than 5 year working Experience as an Assistant Professor. YouTube Channel/Facebook Page/Te

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I m akash gupta from JLN medical college, ajmer nd nikhil sir is my physics teacher in my pre medical stage nd i m greatly thankful to him... plyz follow him for best guidance in physics
please add more lessons
  1. BPSC Assistant Engineer Civil & Mechanical Engineering. Adv no:- 02-2017 to 04-2017 Previous Year Question General Engineering Science Shashi Kumar Assistant Professor

  2. Shashi Kumar B.Tech in Civil Engineering From VTU BELGAUM. M.Tech in Structure Engineering From Kalinga University Raipur. Worked in many Universities as an Assistant Professor. unacademy

  3. Target Audience Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering

  4. General Engineering Science Previous Year 2012 2) A 1000 N cylinder is supported in a frame ABC as shown in the figure. The frame is hinged at C, Determine the reaction at A, B, C and D. 3) a. State and Proves Kirchhoffs law of radiation

  5. rne ABc as Shan in the ANTe shown. the seachon at A, B, c and D 2 200mm)

  6. Rc. 600m 200-> 200 mm RA 1000 N RA fee bod d the ylnde Considesing heibiyn Cet Cylinder

  7. Consides the esuiibyum the fame 4s it is esiibum undes the achen ot ree nytey mut be Cemcurrsen Purtey. c-tail ( 600 2-0 600 5 206 200l | 00 sin 70153 Re Rc1060 45 N

  8. 0 6070 56 Re 352 93 N A -00 0 N 3S2 3 N

  9. stade and Paoe sadiaten that Jood absorber ofxadiahen are also cblach body d( body he rao et emissive to absor Phivne the Ta at a given kmperature and eaual to the emissire wer

  10. eisive Be to ahsor the Some rall bodies at a ven ee and eaual to e em blacubodyat theehme Ernissive Pourer emissi re power a Note A Du nSJ de with about the momna) to the

  11. the body A> au eoadtahon incident on a blachbodyabsobed, the absorptive powen ota S00 Per the kihhott hau tells hat if a body has high emissi ve Pouvex pounerto ave the saho Esme 8

  12. adiahen n Hat H st he emissive A be o ng en it nHme the emissive towe 64 Hve body 4 to E then ust also erm't the Same amount Auen d time