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Properties Set-6 Addition of Tan inverse functions with examples
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This lesson takes up an important property of addition of tan inverse functions

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
sir the 6th q where we add sin and sin am getting the ans using normal formula but by converting them into tan i aint getting the ans i know i havent rated your max videos but i have rated where i have watched and will be waching you guess you ans this caz its gonna solve many q of mine tq
sir yeh last wale example ko tan wale method sai karne par mughe wrong answer aa raha hai.PLZZ helppp
please help how to remember the domain and range... it's complicated.. I am getting trouble while solving the questions
Vineet Loomba
9 months ago
I explained the method to remember by quadrants in the starting vudeos ...are you not watching the courses in sequence?
Elima sharma
9 months ago
I didn't understood that method
Elima sharma
9 months ago
I just understood that we can't take angles in 3rd quadrant
sir i am still unable to understand that how we can get an angle of 1st and 4th quadrant by adding pi......sir i dont know my question is correct or not but i am unable understand the 1st formula of this video...why we add pi !! plz rply sir !!!
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
u have to remember the table is convention that has been taken ..for sine u have to use 1 and 4th quad ..did u see my first lesson ..where I introduced the lesson and explained inverse function ..i hope u have the idea of one one and onto function
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