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Properties on Definite Integrals Part-5
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This lesson explain more properties and results on definite integral

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
can you plz tell deepest port in the country??
Chetan Gaurav
a year ago
Hi Priyanka , Its Chennai Port declared in the end of 2016.
thnks for rpying....:)
sir what will be the value of integral 0to pi [log(cosx)]?
first 2nd ka Jo solution h na..boh integral pi/2 kaise hua..pi kyn nhi sir..ans sorry for distrub u..I know u r so busy..phir bhi bakt mile to sir ans plz Dena..tnk u very much 🥰😍 sir ..mein AAP ka hi lesson dekhke samajti hu..tnk u again sir😘
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Which ques ? First or second?
sir last example me f(π/2-x)=f(t) check kerege na but aapne to integration of (cos^5x)dx with upper limit 2π and lower limit 0 hai usme to aapne f(π-a) check Kiya hai to wanha bhi aapko f(2π-x) check kerna Chahiye na...???
sorry sir for distributing you due to to miss understanding in the solution I clear my doubts...
Vineet Loomba
8 months ago
Its okay :)
one doubt sir: itegration of log(4+x)/log(4+x)+log(9-x) from 2-log3 to 3+log3 .plz show how to solve
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
I hope u understand its not possible to show in comments
Manasvi Patel
10 months ago
Its ok sir
Manasvi Patel
10 months ago
Thank you
Manasvi Patel
10 months ago
sir can u plz tell me the final ans.If possible.
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