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Properties of Squares and Square Roots (in Hindi)
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Learn the properties of squares and square Roots

Zoya Mehreen Shariff
Bachelors Of Engineering, in Electronics And Communication; from Visveswaraya Institute Of Technology; Love to teach and learn and explore

Unacademy user
You r not explaining properly specially the calculation parts of finding mole weight and other calculations. Also ur energy level is pretty low, may be u r tired while making videos. But it is kind of depressing
Please do let me know if you did not understand the concept
  1. SQ UARE RoOTS AND CUBE RoOTs LESSON 2 Propevties 0 Squore Roots anc Squares. cino

  2. Propet ies f Sauares 1. Wlhen a perfect square is ulhen a pes fect square is witten , as a pro of its prime factovs, each prime fact wi appea Qn even Numbe of times xampie 256 L2 (123 6 2 256 = 24

  3. 2. The difference betuoeen the square tto equl to the Consecutve natua Numbeysa the matural mumbexs. Sum of Example: 2 ) 1, 5 or also ends 3.The Square of a umber ending Ini in S, 6 112 =121 5 162 256

  4. . The Savar e ot ang numbes ending ns The last tuo digitsll aws be5 The digits before that in the anser be qot by mulki plyin the digits leading upto the dig 5 ln emu mber by 1 more than tself Example 2.5 25 132 3x(13H) = 13x14= 18 2S 352-7225

  5. Of a or an even umbe Ot zeros A petec Square cgnno numbe zeoes 6. the units digit the .sg uare e vnitsdgit then the umbe should eud wih a or c muu mber Shou 2- 2

  6. If the units digit of the S9uare of a u mber(s4, the uuts digit ofthe- urn ch (Scl van 00t) then is or g Exanmple 14-4- 2 64

  7. . If the its digit of he svare t umber CS e unu Ye 2 16 2 2)- 229 OR 169 = 13 289

  8. squase ot . If the unit's diait of a mbe is 6, then the ember (sguave root) U E xomple OR (?)=196 I 6 OR OR 2S6 16 196 14

  9. to The sm of the sqares of he first veb 6 The Square 0+ nu mb ev is alw ays on-mega hve "

  10. THANK YOU Phesented B y: