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Properties of Hydrogen
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This lesson is giving the students a brief description of the properties of Hydrogen. Once clearing the properties the video talks about the Common+ Prepratory methods of Dihydrogen

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

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plz provide also other topics question s
thora rastra bhasha bhi boliye
is this helpful for jee mains and advanced
  1. Name: Tamanna Chaudhary Ex- Hans Raj (DU) Student. AIIMS and NEET Aspirant. Topic of Discussion-propertiesof- Hydrogen and Common+ Laboratory prepratory methods of Dihydrogen

  2. Hydrogen -4 a Discovered-Henry cavendPch,E66- Given-name by--havoMer Sabines el Hudrogen e oloma number Derent mass number Isotopes Deuter?um H2 ip in Stable. Protium Radio acve StablftyStable 0.0150% o o aboms 31)

  3. Anomalous position of Hydrogen with Halogens (G -R) | urth alkali metals (G-I) e con: Have le less than @Electroni av no Both are eledropost tve in nat w okida Bon state o s sa close to hat Halogens. 2 Can show oxtdSals Suits of Alkalinetalsleg Naa) Nat cr as deatomic molecule hode n at tro Nat) Nat covalent co

  4. Anomalous position of Hydrogen FFER rth Halogens wtth Albalt melal hudrde Alkali me H non metal me No Atomia diatom e Oxide o Neutral Adic As Hydrogen shows similarities with halogens as well as alkali metals, it's position is undefined i.e ANOMALOUS

  5. Common preparatory methods of Dinyalrogen oy action of Ho on mtals Active metals like Na Lone's proces Less active metals NaoH +H Fe oy + H2 Zno t Ho (very.ygrous.cnd-tonbeating) %) on pass?ng steam exotherm R c) RoomT At

  6. Common preparatory methods of Dihydrogen Electrolystsol water Hligh purity this produced Electrolysis o w electrodes and small amount ot alkali add added to water to Encrease conducfon nter by uing platinum H,0 lat cathode) (at anode) cathode -OH++ e- H- C1)--H + H He Ct) The process very expensive thus nat commonly in uue

  7. . Action t-acid! Alkali on metals- clive metals- React with alkalfes React with ac24 BeNa0H aboratory prepratteno ihydrogen- ration o onc ts04 woud hveterated Bubbles ol H are collecled gas) Ganulaled zinc nol pure zlnce, else reacon would be slouw