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Programming For Absolute Beginners - Part 1
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This lesson is for absolute beginners to programming and introduces programming in an entirely new fashion.

Gaurav Munjal
Co-Founder and CEO at Unacademy. Love teaching Computer Science and English :)

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Sir formula booklet agar hame coaching se milti hai tab bhi hame abni personal formula booklet banani chahiye?
Vineet Loomba
4 months ago
Nhi tab aap usme aur formulas add krte chlo
Sourabh Kumar
4 months ago
Ok sir😊
sir why did you stop these?
Sir,on which online platform are we gonna work
excellent presentation. Can you and all please add English subtitles to all videos.
awesome thank you but which programming language is necessary to write an operating system
  1. Programming for Absolute Beginners Part 1 . It's fun . Don't worry about learning a language . Let's get the fundamentals and the basics right Don't worry about learning a language Prerequisites: you should know how to turn on a computer (tribute to Prof. Mehran Sahami) - Programming Methodology Course

  2. we won't focus on one particular programming language - but we will go with C++ and use an online platform

  3. 05 programming is an "ART" - the "ART" of making stuff possible by writing a code think of code or a programming language as colors and pastel whereas your final program is the painting programming can make magic happen:)

  4. what were the tasks of the first few computers invented? To perform basic calculations and then later on advanced calculations

  5. So think about what you want to build - and let's begin with a basic calculator This calculator adds two numbers that the user is going to give it. So programming is that art by which you're going to build this . So programming is that art by which you're going to build this cool calculator and it's super easy!!!

  6. Now let's think about our program - "Calculator" . What will it do? How will it do it? Don't worry about the syntax. Don't worryabout one particular programming language . Don't worry about the syntax. Don't worry about one particular

  7. The user enters two numbers and the calculator prints the sum of these two numbers.

  8. What do you need? . o A place to store the first number that user will enter o A place to store the second number that user will enter o A place to store the sum of these two numbers Display on screen the sum which was stored

  9. Let's learn some commands e InputANumber * DisplayANumbern o This command takes a parameter - it's need something basically to do what's it's supposed to do

  10. Introducing variables . It's a box! That's it . And what does a box do? . And how will you differentiate boxes? o firstNumber=6 o secondNumbei . Whoa whoa whoa=??? = 12 o Assignment operator WHAAAAT! o Assigns the value on the right to left.