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Problems on Ages - 1 (in Malayalam)
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Basic level Previous year questions on Ages.

Hanshad H
Teaching experience of 4+ years, cleared RRB NTPC. Academis in Youtube. Academis Edu Zone in Telegram.

Unacademy user
Nice lecture mam But something something hindi me rhta to or achha ho jata hamare ly
sirrr can u explain all modals for university assistant exam plzzz sir
Sir u are a life saver
Hanshad H
19 days ago
അയ്യോ! അത്രക്കൊന്നുമില്ല. 🙈
NTPC k useful aano ith
Hanshad H
24 days ago
Of course yes.
super class. thank you sir
Hanshad H
2 months ago
Thankyou Arsha.
Unacadameyil ist tym.aanu..and this is my ist class supr presentation....enik tough subjct aanu...maths.....simple aayit karyangal paranju ..
Hanshad H
3 months ago
Am honored. Trying to make things simple is something I always try to do. Thanks
Hanshad H
3 months ago
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  1. es Q- The Tatio of the ages of A, B and c s 5:4:3. Je B's age is2 OF the ages oe the thvee2 23 gears Fnd the surm A+ B+ 5: H 3 12 28 S4 (Giver)

  2. Q The su of ages oF Gita and Reena rs - of srta Find tbe oge of Reena2 CAudi tor Gov Seebar - 201s a) 8 b 26 4 ) 24 sita 8 24 32

  3. , . The Ya t10 OF the age S OF Ami and Ashima is 3:5. The sam of the age of Ashima z LAss t . TolloYGV-T/S up d 2017) hei ages is 4s gears whats Anil 3S 6 H8 CGiven

  4. Q. A Father Is 3s gears oder tban his son . lo age waS Sons age Wat's ehe pesent age oe son? CAsst. Salesman 2006 6 5 5 25 Coive

  5. Q. When the Present age of eeFaeber Ps added to tbe . What wo- be theix total age afte Y lo ears. CFovester 2006) se * age f the Son, the t al 's = 50