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Problems on Ages - 1 (in Malayalam)
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Basic level Previous year questions on Ages.

Hanshad H
Teaching experience of 4+ years, cleared RRB NTPC 2015, ACADEMIS EDU ZONE in YouTube.

Unacademy user
Thank you so much for this course. Please please cover 11 and 12 as well.
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
pleasure,.... yes will do that :)
sir thozhilvarthayilulla ntpc pariselanam pervious year question ano.onnu nokiyitu paranju tharamo.enthayalum super class sir expect more
Hanshad H
a month ago
Njan nokkarilla tto. Nokkiyitt parayaam.
Ithu rrb kkum usefull alle Headng kerala psc nnu kandathu kond chodichune ollu
Hanshad H
a month ago
Of course yes.
sir English nta cls edukuo😁
Hanshad H
a month ago
sir ന്റെ ratio propotion class കേട്ടതിന് ശേഷം.. maths മൊത്തം...easy ആയി തോന്നുന്നു. thank you sir.
Hanshad H
2 months ago
  1. es Q- The Tatio of the ages of A, B and c s 5:4:3. Je B's age is2 OF the ages oe the thvee2 23 gears Fnd the surm A+ B+ 5: H 3 12 28 S4 (Giver)

  2. Q The su of ages oF Gita and Reena rs - of srta Find tbe oge of Reena2 CAudi tor Gov Seebar - 201s a) 8 b 26 4 ) 24 sita 8 24 32

  3. , . The Ya t10 OF the age S OF Ami and Ashima is 3:5. The sam of the age of Ashima z LAss t . TolloYGV-T/S up d 2017) hei ages is 4s gears whats Anil 3S 6 H8 CGiven

  4. Q. A Father Is 3s gears oder tban his son . lo age waS Sons age Wat's ehe pesent age oe son? CAsst. Salesman 2006 6 5 5 25 Coive

  5. Q. When the Present age of eeFaeber Ps added to tbe . What wo- be theix total age afte Y lo ears. CFovester 2006) se * age f the Son, the t al 's = 50