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Probability Questions Part 1
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Probability questions set 1 This contains set of various questions of different difficulty level to make one understand the concept of Probability.

Amit Kumar Jha is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Amit Kumar Jha
I am K-12 online math teacher. I have also been teaching Quant for GMAT,GRE, SAT n ACT for last 17 years with good results and feedback .

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Is it must to read hindu...after listening as well as preparing notes from hindu DNA and editorial analysis...plz...reply
  1. Probability for CAT By: Amit K.Jha Amit Kumar Jha

  2. Worked as Sr Manager with A.B.Group for 14 years Teaching CATIGMATISAT Quant since 2001. Also teaching above topics online to international students Won All India Merit scholarship

  3. Course Overview This course is useful for those who are taking any exam like CAT/GMAT where "Probability"is included in the syllabus . This course is also useful for those who are planning to take this exam in future or want to develop strong base for the related topic.

  4. Q1 A box contains 4 red chips and 2 blue chips. ftwo chips are selected at random without replacement, whatis theprobabilitythat the chips are different colors

  5. A1 Aw IS

  6. Q2 ffour numbers are randomly selected without replacement from set 2,3,4,what i the probabity athe furnumbr ar sletedin acendingorder

  7. A2 P(1- 2->3->4) P AND dDdND 4burth) third frst third 24

  8. Q3 Each circle has center O. The radius of the smaller circle is 2 and the radius of the larger circle is 6. If a point is selected at random from the larger circular region, what is the probability that the point will lie in the shaded region? 0.

  9. A3 2 Small circle. Area = (2) O. = 4 Large circle: Area =x(6)" = 36 Unshaded portion =-= 36x 9 Shaded portion =

  10. Q4 The probabily ht eenr cusailty btat esocouri25, th pb tethereventA oreventBboours s0&,what the robabily htevent wll our?

  11. Q5 Abox contains 10 pairs of shoes(20 shoes in total),Iftwo shoes are selected at random, what is the probability that they are matching shoes?