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Previous Years Questions-lesson 8
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This lesson deals with the important words which are very important for the competitive exams.

Kirti Dalal
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sir iam confused now...whats the actual corporate tax rate??...30%?? 1. corpotates have paid 60% of their profits as taxes of which only 21%is corporate income are Corporate income tax and corporate tax rate different? 2.Corporate tax is 30%, corporate income tax is 21%?? and if ours CTR is 30% then all of our Asian neighbours' average is 35%, then why do we stand at 172 out of 190 countries? 3.wht are different types of taxes corporates have to pay along with corporate income tax? please help!!
Please cover static gk
Kirti Dalal
a year ago
Course is going on static plus current affairs. Thank you.
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  3. Words Meaning SynonymsAntonyms Ameliorate (Verb) Make Enhance Worsen Vitiate (something bad Enrich or unsatisfactory) better. Imprecation Malediction Benison Blessing Anathema (Noun) Something or someone that one vehemently dislikes.

  4. Words Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Antiquated (Adi) Old-fashioned Obsolete or outdated. Modernized Refurbished Out-of-date (Adj) Extremely stupid or foolish. Weak-minded Witless Judicious Prudent Asinine

  5. Words Meaning Synonyms Antonyms (Adj) So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. Flat Insipid Galvanizing Inspiring Banal Early Inopportune (Adj) Coming or happening later than should have been the case. Behindhand Delinquent Belated