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Previous year questions (Part-2)
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In this lesson, Deepak has solved some previous year Gate questions on topics of reasoning and aptitude covered up till now.

Deepak poonia
I am an electronics engineer | 3 yrs teaching experience

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  1. easoning an Aptitude Presented by Deepak Chaudhary

  2. About me Engineering in Electronics and Communication . Got selected in 5 PSUs Qualified GATE twice . GATE 2015-99.9 Percentile Top Educator 201? Rate and Review . Comment and share e Interests - Cricket, Squash, Sudoku , Cycling You can follow me at- https:/ deepakspoonia31 an followme,

  3. Course Wame Course Link 1. Probability And Distribution: GATE (ME) htt ps:// obability-gate-me/BTSNREI8 2. Matrix For GATE/ESE trix-for-gateese/UQX3KM3S 3. Analog Communication System https:/ alog-communication- system/MOCO2ALc 4. Zener Diode and its Applications for GATE Examination ner-diode-and-its- applications/XK95QQRK

  4. Course Name Course Link 5. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Basics and its Operations for GATE (ECE) ar-junction-transistor-basics-and-its- operations-for-gate- examination/2DO9R4LT 6. Bipolar Junction Transistor Configurations: GATE (ECE) ar-junction-transistor- configurations-gate-ece/5Q7TUOAK 7. BJT Biasing for GATE Aspirants https:/ biasing-for-gate-aspirants/92X7ILWF 8. BJT as an Amplifier for GATE as-an-amplifier/UCONHM50 4

  5. Course Name Course Link 9. Small Signal Analysis of BJT mall-signal-analysis-of- bjt/FYR8D1VL Approximate Analysis of H- https:/ Parameter Model for BUT proximate-analysis-of-h- parameter-model-for- bjt/L409AKL3 11. Pi-model Of BJT For GATE model-of-bjt/B3ZKRZ8D 12. Frequency response of BJT amplifier equency-response-of-bjt- amplifier/SA964GUI 5

  6. Course Name Course Link 13. Noise in analog communication for GATE and ESE ndi-noise-in-analog communication-for-gate-and- ese/7NLTRXYS Basic concepts of Network https:/ Analysis and Synthesis sic-concepts-of-network- analysis-and-synthesis/HD241V75 urse-overview/G3SJ9NOO 15. Part-1 Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE 16. Part-2 Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE urse-overview/333OKBEZ

  7. Course Name Course Link 17. Part-3 Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE urse-overview/VST77H4B 18. Part-4 Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE urse-overview/9OTBW3L25 19. Part-5: Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE (General Aptitude) urse- overview/IR6VOOHN/?source Cou rse 7

  8. Previous year question P, Q, and R talk about S's car collection P states that S has at least 3 cars. Q believes that S has less than 3 cars, R indicates that to his knowledge. S has at least one car. Only one of P, Q and R is right. The number of cars owned by S is (a) o (b) 1 (c) 3 (d) Cannot be determined

  9. o' can't be ight PCant be naht R can be nght but cass no. i zexo then R uion

  10. and s' uson'tbe ight if car no. rom 1 or 2. G com be ette cant ue rjht from 1 above conoirr one can

  11. Previous year question Consider the following statements based on the data shown above Over the given month, the difference betvween the maximum and the minimum pollutant concentrations is the same in both winter and summer ii. There are at least four days in the summer month such that the pollutant concentrations on those days are within 1 ppm of the pollutant concentrations on the corresponding days in the winter month. Which one of the following options is correct? (a) only i (c) both i and ii (b) only ii (d) Neither i nor ii

  12. Previous year question Abhishek is elder to Savan, Savan is younger to Anshul. The correct relations is (a) Abhishek is elder to Anshul (b) Anshul is elder to Abhishek (c) Abhishek and Anshul are of same age (d) No conclusion can be drawn