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Previous Year Questions for RRB JE Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson will take RRB JE aspirants through different previous year questions asked from computer awareness and engineering drawing topics . All Questions are explained along with additional details.

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  2. QN1. Monitor (VDU) is alan). is a(an a) Output device b) Input device c) Storage device d) Both Input and Output device

  3. ANS A Output Peripheral Input Peripheral Peripheral

  4. QN 2. Which of the following memories is directly accessible by the CPU ? a RAM b) Hard disk cMagnetic Type d) DVD

  5. ANS : A (RAM) Types of Computer Storage CPU RAM Cache Primary storage CD-RVV USB thumb drive Hard drive Tape drive Off-line storage Secondary storage l L

  6. QN 3. Static RAM (SRAM) is faster than Dynamic RAM (DRAM) because a) SRAM uses Capacitors b) SRAM is costliers c) SRAM does not requires refreshing d) SRAM is cheaper

  7. ANS C(SRAM does not require refreshing) - Chip density is lower for SRAM cell compared to - SRAM requires more transistors per cell compared to DRAM -higher cell density for DRAM: 6-10x SRAM -Access time is faster for SRAM SRAM uses active devices (inverters) to drive bit lines whereas DRAM uses a capacitor . bit lines driven faster by the stronger signal (higher current) in SRAM: 10x faster than DRAM -Cost: SRAM more expensive than DRAM -Both SRAM and DRAM are volatile - They lose their content when powered-off

  8. QN 4.UTF-8 is a(an) a) b) c) d) 8-bit fixed-width encoding 8 bit variable- width encoding 16 bit variable - width encoding 16 bit fixed -width encoding

  9. ANS B 8 bit variable width encoding UTF stands for Unicode transformation format

  10. QN 5. The hexadecimal representation of a (E1.08)16 b) (E1.80)16 c) (1E.80)16 d) (1E.08)106

  11. QN 6.The 2's compliment of the binary number (01010101)2 is A. (10000000)2 C. (01010110)2 D. (10101011)2

  12. QN8. Which of the following categories of networks has smallest geographic area? A. MAN B. PAN C. LAN D. WAN

  13. QN 9.The distance between two stations is 20 km. If the R.F. of the scale is 1/400000. Then the distance between two station on the map will be A. 50 cm B. 5 cm D. 1 cm

  14. Ans B (5 cm) step1.RE Actual SC step2: Leth f sale

  15. On 10. If a line is perpendicular to V.P and parallel to H.P , its front view will be A. A point B. A line of smaller dimension C. A line of larger dimen D. A line of same dimension sion

  16. QN 13 .The eccentricity of a parabola is A. 1 B. <1 C. 1 D. 0

  17. Qn 14. A force of 20 N accelerates a body from rest to a velocity of 3 m/s in 10 S. The magnitude of change in momentum of the body in one second is A. 2 kg m/s B. 20 kg m/s C. 60 kg m/s D. 6 kg m/s

  18. ANS B Impulse Newton's second law of motion, F ma, can be rewritten by using the definition of acceleration as the change in velocity divided by the time needed to make that change. It can be represented by the following equation F-ma m(s) At