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Previous Year Questions for RRB and IBPS Bank Exam 2017: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discussed about banking quiz for those aspirants who are preparing for RRB /IBPS/ SBI/PO/ CLERK MAINS bank exam

Aarushi Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aarushi Singh
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  1. BANKING QUIZ FOR RRB/IBPS EXAM 2017 Hello friends How are You? I am Aarushi Singh, Presently Staying in Bangalore. I have more than 5 years of Experience in Teaching as a G.A (General Awareness and General Studies ttistory and polity. Aond the best platform on "UNACADEMY" and through this I love to Help nts who are preparing for BANK, SSC, UPSC Hope so that these RAILWAY and INSURANCE Exa videos will help you to crack Bank and SSC competition and plays very important and crucial role in your life. If u love these videos and information (especially Short Tricks then please don't forget to like, comment, share and Follow on UNACADEMY Once again thanks a lot for reading this message and watching these videos.

  2. Q. Which of the following places in India does not have a stock Exchange? a) Kolkata b) Ahmedabad (c) Mumbai td) Udaipur te) None of the above Ans.(d Sol. In Udaipur, Rajasthan does not have a Stock Exchange

  3. Q. When was the currency system in India converted into the decimal system? (a) April 01st 1959 (b) April o1st 1957 (c) April 01st 1955 (d) April 01st 1953 (e) April 01st 1951 Ans.tb Sol. The Indian currency system was converted into the decimal system b Indian Coinage (Amendment) Act 1955 which brought into force from April o1st 1957

  4. Q. Many A Time We Read In The Newspapers That RBI Has Changed Or Revised A Particular Ratio/Rate By A Few Basis Points. What Is Basis Point? (A) Ten Percent Of One-hundredth Point B) One Hundredth Of 1% C) One Hundredth of 10% (D) Ten Per Cent Of 1000 (E) None Of The Above Sol. A Basis Point Is The Smallest Measure Used In Quoting Yields On Fixed Income Ans.(B). Products. Basis Points Also Pertain To Interest Rates. One Basis Point Is Equal To One One-hundredth Of One Percentage Point (0.01%). Therefore, 100 Basis Poinfs would Be Equivalent To 1%.

  5. Q. What is Financial Inclusion? (a) To provide a permanent employment to the unemployment (b) To provide a 100 days job to all those who are in need of a job te) Delivery of financial services at affordable costs to vast sections of di income groups dh To ensure that all financial transaction amounting Rs. s,000/- and above are done through banks (e) None of the above Ans.(c)

  6. Sol. Financial inclusion may be defined as the process of ensuring access to financial services and timely and adequate credit where needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low-income groups at an affordable cost The Committee on Financial Inclusion, Chairman: r C. Rangarajan).

  7. Q. Which of the following is the name of private sector Bank in India? (a) IDBI Bank b) Axis Bank [c] Corporation Bank (d) UCO Bank (e) Dena Bank Ans.tb Sol. Axis Bank Ltd is one of the private-sector banks in India offering a comprehensive suite of financial products. The bank has its head office in Mumbai and Registered office in Ahmedabad.

  8. Q. BCSBI was set up to ensure that the common person as a consumer of financial services from the banking Industry is in no way at a disadvantageous position and really gets what he/she has been promised. BCSBI stands for-? (a) Branch Codes and Standards Board of India (b) Banking Codes and Stability Board of India (c) Banking Codes and Standards Bank of Industry (d) Banking Codes and Society Board of Investment (e) Banking Codes and Standards Board of India Ans.[e)

  9. Sol. In November 2003, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) constituted the Committee on Procedures and Performance Audit of Public Services under the Chairmanship of Shri S.S.Tarapore (former Deputy Governor) to address the issues relating to the availability of adequate banking services to the common person. Therefore. the Committee recommended setting up of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI. BCSBI was set up to ensure that the common person as a consumer of financial services from the banking Industry is in no way at a disadvantageous position and really gets what he/she has been promised.

  10. Q. Which of the following field Dalal Street in Mumbai is famous? a) NABARD (b) Stock Exchange (C) RBI (d) SEBI e) Commerce and industry ministry Ans.(b) Sol. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is located at Dalal Street.

  11. Sol. ECS -Electronic Clearing Service. RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement. NEFT- National Electronics Funds Transfer System. Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile. PIPS is not an e-banking software

  12. Sol. The capital of a business (working capital) which is used in its day-to-day trading ations, calculated as the current o minus the current liabilities

  13. Q. A debt which is irrecoverable and is therefore written off as loss in the accounts of an institution or bank is known as (a) external debt (b) good debt (c) bad debt d) internal debt te) None of the given options is true Ans.(c) Sol. The term bad debts usually refer to accounts receivable (or trade accounts receivable) that will not be collected

  14. Q. A signed a specified person or a company is known as undertaking from one party containing a promise to pay a stated sum to (a) Power of Attorney b) Promissory Note (c) Purchasing Power Parity (d) Plastic Notes (e) None of the given options is true Ans.(b)

  15. Sol. A promissory note is a legal instrument in which one party (the maker or issuer) promises in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other (the payee)

  16. Q. Which of the following is not a type of cheque issued by arn ndividual? (a) Bearer cheque (b) Order cheque c) Crossed cheque dh Savings cheque e) None of the above Ans.ld) Sol. Savings cheque is not a type of cheque issued by an individucl