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Previous Secretariat Assistant exam 2015 Science (In Malayalam)
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Science qn answer discussion of secretariat assistant exam 2015( In Malayalam)

Sinu Harish
MSc physics graduate.3 year experience in PSC field.HARISREE PSC Telegram Channel. LDC Thrissur Rank 707.

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sir ya madhe 2017,2018and 2019 che analysis kra plz
carbon monoxide ozone depletion reason aano?
Sinu Harish
10 months ago
Main reason CFC aanu..
  1. 21. Which is the hardest mnterinl ever known in the universe? (A) Platinum (C) Diamond (B) Graphite (D) Marble

  2. 22. Which instrument regulates the resistance or current in a circuit? (A) Volta cell (B) Rheostat (D) Sonometre (C) Generator 23. The scientist who formulated the "Germ theory of disease" in (A) Louis Pasteur (C) Hugo Devries (B) lamarck (D) Griger Mendel 24. In which atmopheric level ozone gas is seen? (A) Mesosphere (C) Stratoephere (B) Lithosphere (D) lonosphere

  3. 25. Which in the relay centre in our brain? (A) Pituitary gland (C) Spinal cord (B) Thalamus (D) Meninges 26. Methane ga is invented by the scientist: (A) Alexandro Volta (C) John Dalton (B) (D) Alexander Fleming Thoman Alwa Edison

  4. 27. Which of the following units in usually used to denote the intensity of pollution? (A) Milligram (C) Parts per million (B) Nanograms (D) Kilogram 28. Nitrogen fixing b ctenn lives in the root tumourn of pea-plants is called : (B) Rhizobium (D) Streptococcus (A) Rhizome (C) E.coli 29. Which of the following chemicals is used in ire extinguisher ? (A) Sodium bicarbonate (C) Potassium bicarbonate (B) Sodium nitrate (D) Sodium chloride 30. Which phenomenon of light is behind the rainbow? (A) Diffraction (C) Reflection (B) Scattering (D) Radiation