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Preparing CSE through Unacademy - Course Overview
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Preparing for CSE through Unacademy? Confused about where to start from? Well, we've got the best lessons to help you in this. To give you a proper series & list of educators working on this aim for you all, this is the course. In this lesson, I'll give you an overview of what this course is all about and how it's going to be immensely helpful for you in giving you a list of courses on Unacademy you must not miss. Keep Learning!

Harshita Jain
Grad. from Delhi University || Educator & Category Expert || Literature. Dance. || Follow me for learning English || ^.^

Unacademy user
thankuu thnakuu thnakuuuuu thnakuuu thnankuuuuuu soooo much .........for such a wonderful course
Harshita Jain
5 months ago
Always a pleasure! :)
Really awsm mam i became ur fan....
By seeing the Overview video, I can say the Course will definitely be a boon. Unacademy has lots and lots of quality content and often there comes the problem of which course to choose for a particular topic. Thank You for the course Harshita :)
Harshita Jain
2 years ago
Hi , Neeraj! Thanks a lot. It's great to see such views coming from one of our good learners. :)
plz list the urls which is must to watch and learn for unacademy learners ....plz plz help me madam
Harshita Jain
2 years ago
Hi, there's no need of URLs. Just search the keyword from the lesson and you'll get it. :)
Neeraj Singhal
2 years ago
Hi Harshita.!! Thanks for the comment. This is my personal opinion, if possible, can you try your hand out at what courses to exactly go through for a particular syllabus section. Say for example, which NCERT Class XYZ course of a subject, of which tutor. Because we see multiple courses for the exact same XYZ Class. Similarly for other topics besides NCERT. Can be a definite master-stroke to identify the best content at first attempt and will help all of us in our preparation..:) *(This course is already very good)
Harshita Jain
2 years ago
Very soon. Thanks!
Neeraj Singhal
2 years ago
Thank You Harshita for your efforts..!! :) There is a course titled "Important Courses on Unacademy and Books for UPSC CSE 2018" created by Ajay Meena. I would advise you and everyone to go through the course. He has given the major courses to go through for preparing different sections for Prelims 2018. Additions can be done to that in the course created by you for the specific stuff we require out of every section of the syllabus..!!
really appreciable efforts ...great initiative thanking unacademu n harishita mam for making this assum lesson
Harshita Jain
2 years ago
You're most welcome. :)
Hello, mam i am doing BCA 2nd year right now and how can i start My preparation for UPSC CSE now. I am confused.. actually mujhe ye samaj me ni aara ki me starting kaha se karu or konsi books read kru.. beginning kaha s kru....
  1. "PREPARING FOR UPSC CSE Through Unacademy" unacademy


  3. HARSHITA JAIN Grad. from Delhi University. CSE Aspirant. Il Dancing I writing | Photography 11 Follow me on Unacademy Jain For any queries: Write in the Comments Section / Q & A Section. unacademy


  5. What's there in the course? Categories & Educators to follow according to different purposes. Bifurcated Lists Series of Courses You Should watch Series of Courses You Should Watch!

  6. "POSSIBLE CATEGORIES OF LEARNERS Beginers Prelims And "General Courses" Beqin ners""Prelims And Mocks/Strategies Mains "Tips and Tricks!" Completing syllabus in short time.' Il

  7. Getting an Introduction with the exam (Pattern.eligibilityetc) Getting an Introduction with the exam (Patterneligibilityetc) . Things To Know Before Starting Preparation (Courses To Enroll) Complete Description Of the SyLlabus (Courses To Follow) What are the best resources? (Courses To Follow) PART 1 What are the best resources? (Courses To Follow) PART 2 e

  8. Things/Books You Must Avoid. (Courses To follow) Voj Choosing The Optional? Watch these lessons right away! e Making A Proper Timetable. (Courses To follow) Facing Problems in Making Notes? Watch these lessons! Choosing The Optional? Watch these lessons right away! e Toppers' Strategies You Must Give A Watch! (List Of Courses) LA