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Preparation Plan for the Last Month
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Himanshu Das is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

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Thank u sir for ur efforts
  1. VARC Strategy For CAT 2019

  2. About Me . B. . from BITS . Sr. Business . CAT & GMAT Pilani Follow me on the Unacademy Learning App Advisor, Dell Get updates about new course Watch all my lessons Download slides and watch offine 99%ile Q Himanshu Da

  3. Unacademy Plus Ongoing courses plus Topics Covered RC (Feb) .Grammar & Vocab (March) Verbal Reasoning (March) Personal anecdotes, basic tips to polish English CAT Subscription 500+ questions .Old CAT Papers . Old GMAT Passages 5,000 '3,750 2.500

  4. CAT 2018 Slot 1 Percentile 85 95 VA-RC 46+1 59%11 70+1 DI-LR 25+1 25+1 41+1 50+ 1 Total Questions in VARC: 34 1. RC: 24 2. Summary: 3. Verbal Reasoning: 7 52+1 Slot 2 VARC Percentile 85 95 DILR 23+1 22+1 38+1 691 48 + 1

  5. Preparation Strategy * 10 month, 6 month, 4 month, 1 month plans . Allocating Time Books and Test Series Right ways to practice

  6. 10 Month Plan February to April Exposure Build on basics Identify Strength and Weakness Equal Time Splits Don't worry about time limit

  7. 10 Month Plan e May to July Work more on the weak topics Timed Practice for strong areas . One mock per week Keep a track of your progress e

  8. 10 Month Plan e August to October . Consolidate your strengths Don't bother too much about weak areas, study just to cross the cut-offs .Timed Practice 2 Mock Tests per week Keep a track of your progress e

  9. 10 Month Plan November 3 Mock Tests per week Revision Time to Peak!

  10. Time Management Student vs Working Professionals e 10 month (1.5 hrs) 6 month (2.5 hrs) .4 month (3.5 hrs) . 1 month (3.5 hrs) . Sectional wise time distribution 10 month (1:1:1) 6 month (More practice in weaker section) 4 month (More practice in stronger section) e . 1 month

  11. Books and Test Series Standardized and authentic Questions To get exposed to right questions To get a benchmarking against the competition e Sectional and sub-sectional tests e For working on weaker and stronger topics e Maintaining error logs Key to Success e

  12. Error LOg S.No Topic Source Time taken Ri Wron gQuestion Reason Comments Easy Passage Easy Passage 1 RC 2 RC 3 RC 4 RC S RC 6 RC 7 RC 8 RC 2.5 Right 2.5 Right 2.5 Wron 2.5 Right 3.5 Right 3.5 Wron 3.5 Wron 3.5 Wrong Fact Main Theme Gss work Inference Inference Fact Inference Inference Main Theme Guess work Confident CAT 2003 RC1 CAT 2003 RC1 CAT 2003 RC1 CAT 2003 RC1 CAT 2003 RC2 CAT 2003 RC2 CAT 2003 RC2 CAT 2003 RC2 Careless Mistake Easy Passage Confident Confident Concept not Clear Difficult passage Concept not Clear Difficult passage Easy Passage Difficult passage Difficult passage