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Practice Questions - 4
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In this lesson Bhagyashree Ghosh provides more questions to practice.

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Bhagyashree Ghosh
Author, VARC Expert, 99%tiler, MBA, CS Professional level, Google Me to know more..

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its really helping sir...thanks for this course
Rahul Shakya
a year ago
thank you so much plz rate and review the course if you didn't done it yet :) it would really motivate me
  1. Syllogisms: Quick Solving Tips By Bhagyashree Ghosh

  2. Bhagyashree Ghosh VALR 99%tiler, CAT 2014 95%tile MAT 2014 99%tile MBA Finance, CS Professional pursuing Hobbies: Read, Write, Teach, Talk, Music, YouTubing unacademy Https://

  3. Practice Questions- 4 45

  4. Give answer as: (A)lf only conclusion I follows. (B) If only conclusion Il follows. (C) If either conclusion I or conclusion Il follows. (D) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion Il follows. E) If both conclusion I and conclusion Il follow

  5. eQuestionl: Statements: (i) Some tigers are panthers. (ii) No lion is a tiger. Conclusions: I. Some panthers being lions is a possibility. Il. Panthers, which are not tigers, being lions is a possibility

  6. eQuestion 2: Statements: (i) All doctors are perfect. (ii) All engineers are perfect. Conclusions: l. There is a possibility that some doctors are engineers. Il. All perfects are either doctors or engineers.

  7. eQuestion 3: Statements: (i) All eggs are tomatoes. (ii) No tomato is a potato. ii) All potatoes are goods. Conclusionsatoes may be goods. II. All eggs being goods is a possibility.

  8. Question 4: Statements: (i) Some dogs are cats. (ii) All animals are cats. (ii) All cats are whites. Conclusions: I. All those dogs which are cats are also whites. Il. All the animals may or may not be dogs.

  9. eQuestion 5: Statements: (i) Some golds are silver. (ii) All silvers are white. (iii) No white is a yellow Conclusions: I. Some golds which are white are not yellow. Il. Some golds being yellow is a possibility.

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