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Practice Questions - 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson has some questions based on odd one out topic along with explained solutions.

Niharika John Mehra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Niharika John Mehra
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Unacademy user
thank u for this.. but it is a very short part ... plzz gives other important topics of management also..
Pooja Rani
2 years ago
:) sure oky tell me which topics u want me to discuss next
maa'm I have a doubt in 2nd Q. that in "C" it's not about dengue or chikungunya so how you make right but in "B" its about chikungunya theirs data or cases given so hows it wrong🤔
Vishal C is a general sentence where IT stands for Zika virus. That's what I said, it's not that you will get a proper noun always and the sentence where no proper noun is used is odd.
VISHAL kumar
6 months ago
got it maa'm thanq for ur precious reply😘
VISHAL kumar
6 months ago
maa'm AZ class ni he 🤔 I was waiting...☺😂😝
thank u mam. well explained.
thank you so much mam
nicely explained Thank you mam
nicely explained Thank you mam
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