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Practice Problems on Application of Biot-Savart Law.
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In this lesson I have solved some good practice problems based on Application of Biot-Savart law.

Amrit Lal
Top Physics Educator 80% questions in NEET19 were directly from my lessons. Mentor/Motivator. Author. Youtube- iStart-Education

Unacademy user
Ravi Kumar
a year ago
Thank you
sir 1st que me Bab ki value m j cap kaise aya??
Sir, shouldn’t the Magnetic field of DE part in the 1st question be along negative y-axis? I hope you reply soon.
sir 3rd question me d ka value 2a hona chahiye na.
Amrit Lal
10 months ago
perpendicular distance lenge, 2a/2 = a hoga😊
Mitali Panda
10 months ago
ok sir😊
sir 2nd que main a ki value diagonal wala nahi lenge kya square ka
Amrit Lal
10 months ago
Nii, perpendicular distance lenge, 2a/2 = a hoga😁
please give a good solutions of question number 1 I don't understand this
Amrit Lal
a year ago
Just apply different formulas like, Magnetic field due to a straight wire, Magnetic field due to a circle and then do Vector addition. hope you get it😊
Guri Bhagat
a year ago
yes sir
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