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Practice Paper : 2
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Mainly for WBCS students. By watching this video anyone will know about Practice Paper for one word substitution Part One : Types of MANIA.

Ankita Podder is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ankita Podder
Youtube Channel- SAHOJPATH and in Computer Science. University GOLD medalist in M.Tech with FIRST rank.

Unacademy user
Nice vedio sir It has reduced our effort to complete Yojna magazine in limited time and have time for other subjects as well. Your voice is really sweet & Humble keep it up.
Kumar Shikhar
a year ago
Hey buddy, Alok i am glad that you find the course useful & thanks alot for the appreciation too. Keep learning✌️
khub valo hea cha.....apni khub valo ........please carry on
ক্রিম ও টমেটো কেনার ম্যানিয়া থেকেই টাকা ইনকামের অতিরিক্ত প্রবণতা .এই সেন্স ব্যাক্ষা করা যেতে পারে .
Ankita Podder
a year ago
Ha mone rakha jetei pare ei vabe. thank you for ur answer
  1. By Ankita Podder. WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE (EXECUTIVE) Previous year questions with Practice Set Part 7 Idioms & One Word Substitution

  2. HELLO! I am Ankita Podder. I am here because I love to teach. You can find me at

  3. TYPES OF MANIA 1. ABLUTOMANIA Obsessive compulsive disorder to wash.

  4. TYPES OF MANIA 2. AGORAMANIA A mania for open space.

  5. TYPES OF MANIA 3. BIBLIOMANIA Extreme affection for acquiring and possessing books.

  6. TYPES OF MANIA 4. CHREMATOMANIA A mania for money.

  7. TYPES OF MANIA 5. CYNOMANIA An extra ordinary love for dogs.

  8. TYPES OF MANIA 6. DROMOMANIA A mania for roaming

  9. TYPES OF MANIA 7. DIPSOMANIA An uncontrollable desire to drink alcohol.

  10. TYPES OF MANIA 8. EGOMANIA Obsessive distraction with the self.

  11. TYPES OF MANIA 9. GAMOMANIA Mania for Marriage.

  12. TYPES OF MANIA 10. HYDROMANIA Extraordinary love for water.

  13. TYPES OF MANIA 12. HYPNOMANIA A mania for sleep.

  14. TYPES OF MANIA 15. MEGALOMANIA A mental breakdown characterized by illusion of power, wealth etc.

  15. TYPES OF MANIA 17. PYROMANIA An impulsive disorder to start fires

  16. TYPES OF MANIA 18. PLUTOMANIA A mania for wealth

  17. TYPES OF MANIA 19. SOPHOMANIA An excessive tribute for one's own wisdom.

  18. TYPES OF MANIA 20. XENOMANIA An extreme desire for foreign belongings.