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Pipe and Cistern-4 (in Hindi)
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It's chapterwise course on mathematics Here we'll cover chapter- pipe and cistern This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about pipe and cistern.

Priyanka Aggarwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Priyanka Aggarwal
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Unacademy user
plz do add more videos and different types of set
ap acha samjhati hai
ma'am question 13 me 34 ans hona chahiye
Sonu kashyap
3 months ago
srry ryt h
qué. 13 me to 36 hrs extra lag rha hai X = 36 Aaya ye logically correct Nahi lag rha
Pratap Chandra
7 months ago
but it's correct
exam me to check krte hi rh jayenge is trick se
  1. chapterwise mathematics chapter-3 pipe and cistern presented by Priyanka aggarwal gb66

  2. verified star educator YOUTUBER #4 year teaching experience ( SSC, banking, railways) author competitive English by Priyanka aggarwal)

  3. chapterwise mathematics chapter-3 %(pipe and cistern part-4

  4. A tap take 36 hours extra to fill a tank due to a leakage equivalent to half of its inflow. the inflow can fill the tank in how many hours? A) 36 hours B) 24 hours C) 30 hours D) 18 hours

  5. iet +36

  6. Three pipes p, q and r can separately fill a cistern in 4,8 and 12 hours respectively. another pipe S can empty the completely filled system in 10 hours. which of the following arrangements will fill th empty cistern in less time than others? tZT TIGAT 46TT @ it A) q alone is opern B) p r and s are open C) p and s are open D) p q and s are open

  7. Ans y Ca) 3 2 8

  8. Ho Tick

  9. a tank has a leak which would empty the completely filled tank in 10 hours if the tank is full of water and a tap is opened which admits 4 litres of water per minute in the tank the leak takes 15 hours to empty the tank how many litres of water does the tank holds? A) 24001 B) 4500 C) 1200 D) 72001 wit 12 4522 2417 ABCD

  10. = 2.40 - iS Ex -240 3e