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Physics - Basic Units (in Malayalam )
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This lesson discusses various units related to physics

Akhil A S is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Akhil A S
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  1. PHYSICS EXAM ORIENTED FACTS prepared by : AKHIL A S /unacademy

  2. BASE UNITS IN SI SYSTEM BASIC QUANTITY SI UNIT SYMBOL 1. Length 2. Mass 3. Time 4. Electric Current Ampere 5. Temperature 6. Amount of Substance mole 7. Luminous intensity candela Metre Kilogram Second kg Kelvin mol ed

  3. MPORTANT UNITS 1. Distance, Displacement - Metre (m) 2. Velocity 3. Acceleration 4. Pressure 5. Energy, Work, Heat 6. Power 7. Electric charge Metre/second(m/s) Metre/second (m/ Pascal (Pa) Joule (U) Watt (W) Colulomb(C) 8. Potential Diference Volt (V)

  4. MPORTANT UNITS 9. Electric Resistance 10. Electric Conductance 11. Capacitance 12. Sound 13. Frequency 14. Magnetic Flux 15. Wavelength 16. Radioactivity Ohm Simens (S) Farad (F) Decibel (db) Hertz (Hz) Weber (Wb) Angstrom Becquerel (Bq)