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Phy Neet 9-1
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relationship between different quantities of a semiconductor are explained. these quantities are conductivity, mobility and concentration of charges.

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Pradeep Kshetrapal
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sir, do we need any sort of temp diff for the process of radiation??? because there do not exist any sort of medium.
Harnav Gill
a year ago
no not required. radiation depends on absolute temp of the body.
sir will u teach for jee mains
Sir, how can I become a part of ISRO especially in launching and designing the satellite as an aerospace engineering or any other ways
Sir I have completed my diploma in civil engineering and now I am pursuing physics in first year.
Sir plz start also for iit jee
  1. NEET PHYSICS by Pradeep kshetrapal

  2. Semiconductor Lesson no. NEET-PHY-9-01

  3. A semiconductor having electron and hole mobilities and Ho respectively. If its intrinsic carrier density is n, then what will be the value of hole concentration P for which the conductivity will be minimum at a given temperature? a) niVi. (c) nivHp un p /

  4. In this question the quantity to be calculated is conductivit, and the other involved quantities are mobility of electron, number density of electrons and holes etc. So relation suggested is conductivity due to negative electron is -nneun where n is concentration of electrons e is charge on electron, Hn is mobility of electron. Similarly conductivity of hole 157 npe p

  5. Further hole concentration np has a relation 2 For minimum conductivity ( 0)

  6. Hence conductivity of semiconductor is The minimum value of conductivity is zero 2 pepp mp Multiplying with np and dividing by e on both sides 2 2

  7. 2 2 2 2 Hence right option is (a)