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Phy NEET 12-1
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Magnetic field produced by current has magnitude as well as direction, therefore the magnetic field produced by a complex shape has addition of many magnetic fields . this question deals about this

Pradeep Kshetrapal
State topper in school exams, selected in IIT Kharagpur, M.Sc., 30 yrs in teaching.

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Onninte question anser koduthittilla
Haritha Rakesh
6 months ago
qn no 1 video explain cheythitundallo. part12 ittitundallo? athano udesiche?
sir please jee numerical
a square ABCD with sides 'a' , how to find magnetic field at corner A?
Pradeep Kshetrapal
9 months ago
where is the source current?
Sakshi Bhatt
9 months ago
source current I flows from A to B to C to D in sqaure loop
Pradeep Kshetrapal
9 months ago
electric current in AB and DA pass through A therefore these two sections do not make any magnetic field at A. the magnetic field will be formed only by the sections BC and CD both of them at normal distance of 'a'. Therefore the magnetic field formed will be 2 x mu x i / 2πa . that is "mu x i /πa " tesla. The direction will be same for both, therefore these magnetic fields are added up to make a total magnetic field.
Sakshi Bhatt
9 months ago
thank you sir
Pradeep Kshetrapal
8 months ago
where is the current ?
thank u sir for this amazing lecture
Yogesh It's best book For Physics , isko lga Dala toh Physics Jinga lala 😂😂
  1. NEET PHYSICS by Pradeep kshetrapal

  2. Magnetic effect of Elect current Lesson no. Phy NEET 12-01

  3. Current I is flowing through a conductotr of shape in the diagram. Linear parts of x the conductor are very long and parallel to X axis while semi-circular part of radius R is in Y-Z plain as shown. The magnetic field at O is 1-2k

  4. The magnetic field at point O is due to current in three different shapes of conductors carrying current. Two are conductors parallel to X axis. Point O is at one end of these conductors 1and 2. 3

  5. (1) Using right hand palm rule, Magnetic field due to current carrying conductor (1) will have direction downward, i.e., n negative z direction. unit vector -k. The magnitude is *. Hence this magnetic field

  6. The magnetic field due to current carrying conductor marked Number 2 will have direction, using right hand palm rule is again downward, unit vector -K The magnitude 1S magnetic field is Hence this Hol

  7. The magnetic field due to current carrying semi circular conductor marked Number 3 in Y-Z plane will have direction, using right hand palm rule is backward is negative x direction, unit vectoir i. The magnitude for full circular col is. magnetic field half circ circular coil is Hen 2R ular coil is 4R

  8. Hence net magnetic field is sum of all the three, i.e. Answer Option (c)