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Phrasal Verbs Starting from C (in Hindi)
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Phrasal verbs starting from C

Ashish Thakur
Cleared CDS and AFCAT thrice You Tube Channel: ADHYAYAN ACADEMY Love to play cricket and badminton.

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अगर आप प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा की बेहतर तैयारी करना चाहते हैं तो आप मुझे Follow करें और मेरे द्वारा उपलब्ध करवाये गये Courses को अभी देखें। मेरे द्वारा उपलब्ध करवाए गए सभी कोर्स को देखने के बाद आप प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा में आसानी से अच्छे अंक प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। मेरे कोर्स देखने के लिये ऊपर दिए गये मेरे नाम Vinod Gandas पर क्लिक कीजिए ओर courses का फायदा उठाइये ।👍
  1. Paramount Phrasa verbs Ashish Thakur

  2. Call after . Name someone after somebody else Example: - She was CALLED Rose AFTER her late grandmother

  3. Call for . require (as in a recipe) Ex:This recipe calls for milk, not water. . Demand .Ex: The Opposition party CALLED FOR the minister's resignation after the scandal broke - Go to collect something Ex: The courier CALLED FOR your parcel, but I told him it wasn't ready yet Telephone for something Ex: I'll CALL FOR a cab right away.

  4. call off - cancel Example: They called the picnic off because of the rain.

  5. Call on - Ask for help Ex: The President CALLED ON the wealthy countries for financial aid after the floods destroyed much of the country's agriculture Visit . Ex: As we were in the area, we CALLED ON my sister-in-law Challenge Ex: He CALLED the speaker ON several mis-statements of fact - Ask someone to do something, especially to speak in public(Formal) Ex: I now CALL ON the other party to give their account of what happened

  6. call up - to telephone someone Ex: My dad called me up to tell me the good news. . summon for military services Ex: He was called up when the war begarn

  7. Come about Happen, occur . Ex: The meeting CAME ABOUT because both sides were sick of fighting. (of a ship) change direction. Ex: The yacht CAME ABOUT to a heading of 240 degrees.

  8. Come across . Find by accident - Ex: I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when I was clearing out my desk - The way other people see you Ex: He CAME ACROSS as shy because he spoke so quietly.